Rosacea is a long-term common skin condition that affects the face, causing redness and visible blood vessels. Rosacea may also cause small, red, pus-filled bumps. As rosacea worsens, your cheeks, nose, skin and forehead will be red all the time. Symptoms can flare up for weeks to months at a time before suddenly going away.

Rosacea can be embarassing and cause loss of self-esteem, but you don't need to let it go untreated. You can be sure to find an effective treatment suited to you at Medical Specialists® and have medication delivered straight to your door the following day.

Additional Information
What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a common, inflammatory disorder that mainly affects the skin on the face. It often results in redness on the nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead. This redness can worsen, taking on a ruddy appearance, with blood vessels becoming quite noticeable.

The condition mainly affects fair-skinned people, but can occur in any skin types, particularly of people aged 40 to 60 years old. It is more predominant in women, but when affecting men, it is often more severe.

As it is a chronic condition, it tends to affect people long-term, and may come and go at sporadic times. The severity of symptoms can also vary from person to person.

What causes Rosacea?

It is not yet fully understood what causes rosacea. Some believe it may be one or more factors playing a part such as genetics, environmental factors and your immune system. However, it has been noted that a high percentage of sufferers are fairer-skinned people.

Some rosacea triggers could make symptoms worse. These include alcohol, caffeine, cheese, hot drinks, spicy food, as well as aerobic exercise such as running.

Treatment for Rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic condition that unfortunately cannot be cured. However, there are various rosacea treatments available that can bring relief from the symptoms associated with rosacea.

There are a variety of creams, gels and antibiotics for rosacea to relieve your symptoms, so you can be sure to find the right option for you.

Lifestyle changes, such as avoiding the aforementioned triggers may also bring you some comfort. For more extreme cases of rosacea, you may require intense pulsed light treatment. However, this is something that will need to be discussed with your own doctor first and may not be available on the NHS.

If the above rosacea treatments have not had the desired effect, your doctor may refer you to a dermatologist (a skin expert) for further analysis.

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