Probiotic drink Symprove can be beneficial for IBS sufferers
29th May 2012
Buy Symprove OnlineIrritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is one of the most common long-term digestive conditions in the world. It can develop at any age but the most sufferers will first start to develop symptoms between the ages of 15 and 40. It is estimated there are a staggering 12 million people in the UK alone who are suffering from the stomach condition. Most GPs, on a general rule of thumb, will first operate on the ‘ABC’ of symptoms for diagnosis. This includes abdominal cramps, bloating and change in bowel movements (such as constipation, diarrhoea or even both). After this, your GP will probably further ask you about things such how often you typically need to go to the toilet or what can make your symptoms better or worse. For those under the age of 50 and experience the usual typical symptoms it is very unlikely you will be referred to a hospital for further tests, this would only happen in severe cases whereby your GP may think you have a possible serious underlying condition. It is thought that IBS can be caused by many different reasons, but certain factors are known to worsen the symptoms. These include: . Food and drink intolerances. The most common culprits include wheat, dairy, caffeinated beverages and chocolate. . Stress or anxiety issues. Problems at work, a family bereavement, relationship difficulties, etc. will probably make your IBS symptoms worse. Some people keep a stress/anxiety diary to monitor their feelings and prepare for when elevated stress might be imminent. . Certain drugs are known to trigger symptoms. These include antibiotics, anti-depressants and anything which may contain sorbitol such as cough syrup. With all that in mind, you may be pleased to know that doctors are now claiming that the probiotic drink ‘Symprove’ is highly effective at relieving bloating and stomach pain in IBS sufferers. Symprove is currently able to be purchased online and from within certain stores of Tesco. The recommended daily dose of the drink equates to £2 per day, which you could save by cutting down on things such as cups of coffee, sausage butties and anything else which can trigger IBS. In a study sponsored by King’s College Hospital in London, 186 people with moderate to severe IBS and aged between 18 and 65 were analyzed. For a testing period of 12 weeks, Symprove was given to two thirds of the subjects and the rest were given a placebo instead. Results suggested that the probiotic drink was effective in aiding constipation and diarrhoea and by the end of the study a lot of people commented that they were feeling less stomach pain and discomfort, and this continued even a month after the completion of the trial. Professor Ingvar Bjarnason, who led the study, commented, “The Symprove trial is a real breakthrough for IBS sufferers.” At Medical Specialists Pharmacy, we are currently analysing the massive range of products for IBS sufferers with a view to expanding our evergrowing span of medications and chemist shop items, and we hope to offer effective solutions very soon, so keep checking our website regularly for more updates. Mebeverine is just one of the IBS products which will soon be available to new and existing patients. In the meantime, feel free to browse around our website for help with other such common problems like male and female hair loss, impotence, help with quitting smoking, lowering cholesterol and much more.