Over £500,000 of unlicensed lifestyle drugs found in London
24th April 2013
medicinesWhen Home Office Immigration Enforcement officers raided a flat in west London to further investigate certain individuals who had overstayed their visas, the last thing they probably expected to find was in excess of half a million pounds worth of dangerous, unlicensed medicines inside the property. However, this is exactly what happened when the officers swooped onto the address, and to their amazement discovering over £500,000 worth of unlicensed sex, diet and hair loss drugs. In total, approximately 150,000 tablets were inside the flat.  Many of these tablets were generic versions of erectile dysfunction drugs, with others being for hair loss and slimming. Officers also managed to unearth a stash of anabolic steroids. Danny Lee Frost, MHRA Head of Operations said: “The quantity of illicit drugs seized in this raid was incredible. The drugs were stored and packaged in filthy conditions - if you could see them you certainly wouldn’t want to take them and would certainly be worried about their quality.” “We believe the drugs were being imported from India and then sold online. Buying medicines from an unregulated source could mean you don’t know what you’re getting, where it came from or if it’s safe to take. The dose could be too high or too low, putting your health at risk. “ “The bottom line is that there are no quick fixes when it comes to your health. Take the time to see your GP, pharmacist or other healthcare professional to identify the cause of your symptoms. You are far more likely to get better faster if you are on the correct course of prescribed medication.” The huge problem of counterfeit drugs is clearly one that is not going to vanish anytime soon, but organisations such as Pfizer and Medical Specialists Pharmacy will continue in their quest to stamp out the illegal trade of counterfeit drugs. Counterfeiters do not have any regard for the health of those who are tricked into buying these low-cost fakes that often contain little or no of the active ingredient, or highly lethal chemicals. However, you can also undergo an online consultation with one of Medical Specialists’ GMC-registered Doctors and we supply genuine prescription-only medicines to treat a wide range of conditions such as: male impotence, male hair loss, female hair loss, acne, obesity, high cholesterol and many more. Once approved by the Doctor, they will then write you a prescription which is passed to our in-house Pharmacy team and subsequently dispensed and dispatched to you within a mere 24 hours! (Allow extra time for overseas deliveries).