Lady Gaga losing her hair?
26th July 2011
According to sources, Lady Gaga has started to apply the popular anti-baldness product Rogaine (known in the UK as Regaine), to her rapidly thinning and damaged locks. This follows years of abuse that she has subjected her hair to, with the flamboyant singer almost as famous for her wacky colourful hair styles and fashion choices as she is for her music. Apparently it was during her worldwide “Monster’s Ball” tour that the worrying first began to creep in about the alarming rate of her dwindling locks. It was rumoured that she lost her temper backstage as she began to comb her hair and large chunks of it fell out. An unknown source had this to say “Over the years Lady Gaga has put her locks under a lot of stress. She’s poured so much chemical over them that it’s damaged her follicles. She’s hoping that by using Rogaine, she can repair some of the harm”. The pop star, famed for her collection of wigs, may have to rely on them in the future more often until her therapy of Rogaine (Regaine) begins to take effect. She has commented on her hair problems in the past “I had to get a chemical haircut because my blonde hair is falling out”. For women who are experiencing problems with hair loss, at Medical Specialists we can help you. We offer a numerous array of options best suited to your needs.  Available without a prescription, from our Chemist Shop, you can now purchase Regaine for Women. This is specially formulated containing a 20mg/ml of the active ingredient Minoxidil – a clinically proven treatment and is applied direct to the scalp to treat women’s thinning hair. In addition, with a prescription or via a consultation with one of our Doctors, you can buy Dianette now at even lower prices. Studies have shown that Dianette used for 6-9 months clearly decreases hair loss and hair thinning. Dianette has an ability to block androgen activity at the pilosebaceous unit. Because of this ability, Dianette can successfully be used to treat Androgenetic Alopecia or scalp hair loss in women caused by androgen activity. Dianette has been shown to stop further female pattern hair loss and increase hair thickness within about a year of regular use.