Is Prince Harry losing hair?
2nd April 2013
hair lossHis older brother Prince William was infamously advised to use the hair loss medication Propecia last year by pop sensation Justin Bieber, but now Prince Harry may be following in his sibling’s footsteps and suffering with male pattern baldness, according to a leading hair loss expert. The 28-year-old prince was photographed in February during a trip to Lesotho in southern Africa on behalf of his charity, Sentebale, and appeared to be sporting noticeably thinner hair and showing plenty of scalp through his famous ginger locks. After seeing the pictures, Dr Asim Shahmalak, hair loss expert on the Channel 4 show Embarrassing Bodies, says that the younger prince seems to be beginning the process of male pattern baldness. However, 30-year-old Prince William was more unfortunate than Harry and actually began to lose his hair in his early 20s, with significant hair loss by the time he reached 25. Of course, Prince Harry losing hair is unsurprising considering many of his male family members have also lost their hair such as Harry’s father; Prince Charles, his grandfather; Prince Phillip and his uncle; Prince Edward. “It is clear that Harry is thinning around the crown area,” Dr Shahmalak says. “It is the first signs of the male pattern baldness which has affected both his brother and his father. Around a quarter of men start going bald before the age of 30, so this is hardly a big surprise especially when it runs in the family as it does for the Windsor’s. If Harry's hair loss progresses in the normal way, I would expect him to have a significant bald patch around his crown by the time he is 40. It will be worse if it also spreads to his hairline as it has with his brother.” He continued:  “Hair loss can have a devastating impact on a young men like Harry. IIt can shatter their confidence and lead to significant loss of self-esteem. There is a strong family gene on both sides of Harry's family. He is lucky that it has kicked in a bit later than his brother William - but the signs are not good for Harry. I would strongly urge him to act now.” The hair loss expert goes on to recommend treatment options that Medical Specialists Pharmacy already has available for suitable patients; Propecia and Minoxidil (contained in Regaine Foam and Regaine Lotion). Dr Shahmalak added: “The best remedy at this stage is for Harry to start taking Propecia which won't replace the hair which he has already lost but will help to stop him losing any more. If William had started using the drug at the same age he could have significantly slowed down his hair loss. The other solution would be for Harry to use Minoxidil, the only other clinically proven hair loss medication available. You can buy a mousse which you apply to the thinning areas of the scalp…Their options in covering up their baldness are limited. It would be difficult for Prince William, for instance, to shave his head, which is what a lot of men do to hide their baldness. A royal with a crew cut just doesn’t seem right somehow.”