Increased female hair loss during Autumn
2nd November 2011
A recently published Swedish study has indicated that women typically lose more of their hair during the Autumn months.  The study, published in the journal Dermatology, states how 800 healthy women of a wide range of ages and lifestyles were monitored over a 6 year period and results showed that they lost more hair during the Autumn period of the year. The hair loss experts determined that the key factor is the biological cycle of our hair. A human hair grows for roughly between 2 and 6 years and at any one time, 90% of our hair is in a growing state and the other 10% is in a “resting state”, known as the telogen stage.  This means it will cease growing and after 2-6 months will fall out. After this stage, the hair follicle then stays dormant for a 3 month period before this whole process is repeated. Obviously this unfortunately does not apply to men who are suffering from male pattern baldness. The researchers involved in the study found that women had the highest proportion of hairs beginning their resting phase in the month of July. Thus, the months of September through to January will see women experiencing quite rapid hair loss. This should be seen as a natural process and not neccasarily something for women to panic about. Experts have come forward to comment on the study. Dr Hugh Rushton, from the University of Portsmouth, had this to say on the matter – “We do not need hair for survival so if it’s a choice between your hair growing or keeping blood going to vital organs, the former will suffer.” Glenn Lyons, consultant trichologist at the Philip Kingsley clinic, also commented on the findings – “Hair cells are the second-fastest produced sells in the body (after bone marrow), so hair is often the first thing to suffer from any kind of upset”.