Chris Evans and his Hair Loss
12th November 2015
male_hair_lossMale pattern baldness will affect nearly half of men by the time they reach the age of 50, regardless of social class, race, etc.…that is the simple truth. Hair loss does not discriminate, and Medical Specialists® Pharmacy have reported countless celebrity hair loss stories over the years, such as Wayne Rooney’s very expensive hair transplant at a Harley Street clinic, Justin Bieber cheekily saying that Prince William should use hair loss treatment Propecia, and golfer Rory McilRoy teasing fellow pro Tiger Woods about his diminishing hair. One story that seems to have resonated with the British public was the article Medical Specialists® published all the way back in 2011 about Chris Evans’ battle with hair loss, leading to a massive surge in traffic to the Medical Specialists® website from men wanting to combat their hair loss as well. The popular, outspoken television and radio presenter first rose to prominence back in the early 1990s as the presenter of The Big Breakfast, and later his own written-and-presented show ‘Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush’. With his thick, wavy ginger hair and rather prominent black, square glasses, Evans instantly stood out from the crowd, becoming popular amongst viewers; viewing figures for The Big Breakfast reached around two million per episode in 1993 - the highest rated UK breakfast television programme at the time. However, Evans has not been without drama in his personal life, now into his third marriage and going through a notoriously bitter and public divorce from former Loose Women presenter Carol McGiffin back in 1994. It could be that these testing times in his personal life have affected his once luxurious thick head of ginger hair. After all, stress is just one of many factors that is often believed to be a contributor to hair loss. Evans has commented on his hair loss many times in recent years, seemingly intent on fighting the problem before he turns 50 next year. The TV and radio personality actually invited the renowned Harley Street Trichologist Dr Hugh Rushton onto his Radio 2 Drivetime show in June 2008 to discuss some facts about male pattern baldness to listeners. Then in 2011, the DJ revealed on his Radio 2 show that he was taking hair loss treatment, but did not confirm exactly what the treatment was, but from his comments it would suggest he was taking Propecia. Evans commented that in addition to the new hair growth on his scalp, there had been growth on other areas of his body too. He said: “I’m taking these pills to help my hair grow but it’s not only the hair on my head that’s growing. Lots of trimming to be done.” It remains to be seen if the DJ is still taking his hair ‘pills’, but he has most likely stopped them by now, going off the comments he made in October whilst appearing on an episode of Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch. Speaking to presenter Tim Lovejoy, Evans stated he was using ‘drops’ for hair growth, but didn’t specify which drops these were, adding they had been running down his face causing some hair growth there as well. The drops in question were no doubt obtained from his ‘hair doctor’ Dr Rushton. There is a possibility Evans has already tried Regaine Foam or Regaine Lotion in the first instance, so what is this lotion that he was speaking about. When we asked leading retired Trichologist David Bailey, he said, “…Hugh like myself has dabbled with topical anti-androgens for some time, but it’s quite possible that he may have other ingredients in the lotion like Bimatoprost. This is the ingredient of Lumigan eye drops used for glaucoma, which have been shown to grow eye lashes in the patients that used them, and published medical papers have shown it to have an effect in re-growing male hair loss. Though I cannot go with the statement by Chris Evans, saying he grew facial hair due spillage on his face...I don’t think that is possible.” Any male or female suffering with hair loss can find all the latest hair loss treatments on the Medical Specialists® website. We have the aforementioned Propecia (for men only), both Regaine Foam and Regaine Lotion (for either men or women), as well as Regaine for Women and Florisene – the latter of which is often taken for female hair loss in addition to the combined oral contraceptive pill Dianette.