Magic Mike Star Channing Tatum Suffering with Hair Loss?
2nd August 2017
American actor and star of the Magic Mike movies Channing Tatum was pictured in the Daily Mail Online heading for an interview for Jimmy Kimmy Live on Monday. At first glance, it is obvious Tatum is in great shape. After years of hitting the gym and stripping off for the Magic Mike films, as well as having a wife who is a trained dancer, this should come as no surprise to anybody. However, upon further inspection of the pictures published in the Daily Mail, it seems apparent that the 37-year-old hunky actor could be losing his hair. Pictured strolling down Hollywood in a tight fitting white t-shirt, the Los Angeles sunshine only helped to highlight the quite visible scalp, with slight recession and hair loss around the temples. Tatum regularly styles his hair in a longer side parting or comb over look, which has probably helped to somewhat disguise any obvious signs of male pattern baldness over the years…until now. The previous longer hair has now gone, and the actor’s buzz cut hairstyle has provided a closer look at his hairline recession. Maybe if Channing Tatum had come to Medical Specialists® Pharmacy sooner and had took the time out of his busy schedule to fill out an online consultation, we may have been able to supply him with hair loss treatment Propecia, which over time can lead to reversal of the balding process, boosting hair growth and helping to prevent further hair loss that is associated with male pattern baldness. In addition, he could have also obtained Regaine from Medical Specialists®, supplied in either a foam or lotion form that contains Minoxidil, and is applied to the scalp twice a day, increasing blood to the hair follicles and preventing further hereditary hair loss. It is unclear if the actor is taking any steps to rectify the problem, or is indeed bothered about it. After all, being bald certainly hasn’t had any effect on the careers of Hollywood action stars such as Bruce Willis, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Vin Diesel, all of whom have enjoyed a long and successful career in Tinseltown. Of course Tatum isn’t the first celebrity to suffer with hair loss problems. Radio DJ and television presenter Chris Evans’ hair loss has made the news over the years, with the former Top Gear presenter saying “I’m taking these pills to help my hair grow…” suggesting he was taking Propecia to fight his hair loss. Moreover, back in December we reported how Homes Under the Hammer presenter and participant of I’m a Celebrity, Martin Roberts, had forked out around £6,000 for a FUE hair transplant procedure from Dr Asim Shahmalak, based in Manchester. This came soon after Spanish newspaper El Mundo reported that the former world number one tennis star Rafa Nadal had underwent a ten-hour FUE procedure at a clinic in Madrid. Nadal was rumoured to have spent a fortune to have 4,500 hair follicles transplanted during the operation. Expensive hair transplants are obviously not feasible for most men suffering with male pattern baldness, as many simply do not have a spare £5,000 - £30,000 handy to pay for them. A more cost-effective solution would be trying the aforementioned hair loss treatments Propecia and Regaine Foam/Lotion.