Zyban 150mg stop smoking tablets now available to buy from Medical Specialists Pharmacy
5th December 2023

Zyban 150mg tablets stop smoking medication testDear Patients


We are delighted to announce we now have Zyban back in stock following a previous long-term supply issue.


For those unaware what this is, Zyban is an effective smoking cessation medication that can help you stop smoking.


Zyban is a prescription oral medication containing the active ingredient bupropion.


Quitting smoking may be something many smokers could be looking to achieve as part of their New Years resolutions for 2024 and Medical Specialists can help you.


With Champix being unavailable and no date on the horizon for when it will be manufactured again by Pfizer, there will undoubtedly be a huge rush of people looking to buy Zyban online to stop smoking.


Zyban can help you reduce cravings, lose the desire to smoke, and ease withdrawal symptoms.


We have next day delivery options available, so you quickly can begin your path to a smoke-free future.




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