The UK’s First One Stop Online Pharmacy & Doctors
27th April 2011
Sales are up by 30% for the UK's first ever ‘one stop online pharmacy and doctors' website, which is good news for the 40% of British men over 40 who suffer from erectile dysfunction and are too shy to go to their doctors or the high street. Medical Specialists of Bury (established in 1994), a Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce member who launched Britain's first legal online clinic nearly a decade ago, are pioneers in the sector and have now re-launched with a new unique website which enables customers for the first time to have an on-line consultation with a range of expert doctors, get a prescription if relevant and then have their products dispensed by their in-house pharmacy and sent to them within 24 hours, without any of their details being sent elsewhere. As a registered pharmacy with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and the General Pharmaceutical Council, is a welcome development in the online medication market; where there are many illegal websites selling counterfeit medication. "We have found that many people do not want to go into the high street to get their medication because they are embarrassed. For example, four in 10 men over the age of 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction issues, and often this can easily be treated with the right medication. Medical Specialists is the ideal site for them because it's safe and secure and they know they are not going to get illegal or counterfeit medication" added David Bailey, Medical Specialists' Managing Director. Based in Bury, Greater Manchester and selling only UK branded medication, Medical Specialists means people can receive their diagnosis, prescription and medication delivered to their door within 24 hours. Customers can even send in their own private prescription to be dispensed by their pharmacy, if they are embarrassed to get the medication from their local pharmacy. "We have an unrivalled pedigree in this sector because we were the first legal UK online clinic and are trusted by our customers, because we only supply genuine medication" said David Bailey. "It made sense for us to take the next step and bring both doctors and a pharmacy together on one site, something that has never been done before in the UK. Other websites, whether an on-line clinic or a pharmacy, pass patients details to a third party and there are obvious security implications with that. At Medical Specialists, they are in safe hands because we don't need to pass on their details to a third party doctor or pharmacy, and they get the medication they need at a price that is right." Specialising in products for erectile dysfunction, smoking cessation, hair loss, obesity and skin and scalp ailments, the new website has also seen an increased product range, a chemist shop, and lower prices than ever before. Products are dispatched within 24 hours through a private and discrete prescription service.