Price Drops Cause Sales Surge at one of the UK’s leading Online Pharmacies!
12th December 2018
Established in 1994, Medical Specialists® Pharmacy has been catering for patients all over Britain for over 17 years, after becoming the UK's first legal online Prescribers back in 2001. In this time, thousands and thousands of patients across the UK have been treated for a number of conditions such as Acne, Asthma, Erectile Dysfunction, Hair Loss, Sexually Transmitted Infections and much more, helping these people to live a better quality of life with undoubtedly less stress. Further peace of mind is offered in the next-day delivery service provided by the Pharmacy, meaning patients are not waiting around for important treatments with no clear idea of when their parcel may actually arrive to them. After recently drastically reducing prices across a number of products and offering frequent discount codes to existing patients, it seems word has spread about this longstanding and trusted North West-based Online Pharmacy, with a recent surge in sales, as well as new patients seeking help from Medical Specialists®. Managing Director David Bailey commented: “We are constantly reviewing our prices across the board to patients and a significant amount of our treatments have seen their prices drastically cut. On top of this, those patients that have chosen to be contacted about special offers via email will have benefited from the recent discount codes we have sent out, further increasing the amount of money saved.” He added: “We know times are difficult for people in the present day and any money saved wherever possible is a huge bonus, so we would like to be able to give something back to our many loyal patients. Interestingly, we are also experiencing a lot of new patients coming to us, which we would hope is as a result of word of mouth. If this is the case, we know people are very happy with the care and service we provide.” Patient care is at the core of Medical Specialists® and it is perhaps this very reason why the Pharmacy has a 5-star Trustpilot rating (9.7) and sits comfortably inside the top 10 ranked Drug and Pharmacy companies on Trustpilot. However, if one would assume that the Pharmacy are now resting on their laurels heading into the New Year, they would be sorely mistaken! Mr Bailey added: “Currently we are working on adding many more products for the Medical Specialists website, so it is worth checking the site regularly…from antifungal and haemorrhoids treatments to even special prescription toothpastes for the prevention of tooth decay.” David said: “If all that wasn’t enough, we are also working on laying the foundations for a brand new website. Although our current one has served us well for a number of years, it is now the right time for a brand new lick of paint so to speak and the site would benefit from a cosmetic upgrade.  The new website will not just look pretty however, as we taken into account our patients’ feedback on certain functions and design tweaks that they would like to see, which will all come together to create a more user-friendly and efficient experience, especially on smartphones and tablets.” Clearly these are exciting times at Medical Specialists®, with new products and even a new website in the pipeline, 2019 promises to be a special year indeed for the Pharmacy. Firstly though, the Pharmacy will be busy dealing with a hectic Christmas period. With Christmas now fast approaching, Mr Bailey warned about the importance of patients having their medications in anticipation of the festive season, commenting: “Although the Christmas period is a joyous time of the Year for people around the country, the drop in temperatures can be havoc for those with certain conditions, such as asthma, with cold air often exacerbating asthma symptoms and it vital for asthmatics to always carry their reliever inhaler, and use their preventer inhaler daily.” “In terms of our own Pharmacy and for patients to get their vital treatments before Christmas Day itself, we are advising that patients place consultations no later than 3.30pm on Friday 21st December, or even the day before, due to the fact there is a large amount of post being sent around the country in the run up to Christmas.”