If I Had Acne in Middle Age
1st September 2010
“Adult acne” is a term which most of us will not have heard many times. However it is more common than you may think, with women suffering from it in particular. Dr. Amy Taub, MD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Dermatology at Northwestern University School of Medicine has released a video short titled “If I Had Acne in Middle Age”, with its premise being how a Dermatologist would cure their own adult acne. Unfortunately for sufferers of acne, using those supermarket bought products you tried back when you were a teenager such as Clearasil and Freederm isn’t always the best solution. Instead Dr Taub suggests in the video to try medication such as Spironolactone and photodynamic therapy. Dr Taub goes on to mention that acne in women is usually inflammatory nodules and cysts, primarily around the jaw line, chin and neck. Although it maybe frustrating for adults to suffer from acne, after probably thinking they left this behind in their teens, you can take heart in knowing you are not alone and there are treatments available to help. One of the most effective treatments is Spironolactone, which Dr Taub recommends in her video. Spironolactone limits hormonal fluctuations that may contribute to acne breakouts. Hormones, specifically androgens, have been linked to the development of acne. In addition Dianette is another highly effective medication for acne, particularly where the acne is quite severe as it reduces excessive grease production in your skin. It is usually taken for 12 or more months for acne treatment In addition, this drug is also effective for moderately severe hirsutism. Why not undergo our quick and simple online consultation at www.medical-specialists.co.uk and one of our Doctors will decide if you are medically suited for your required medication. Prices start from as little as £39.95 (3 months Dianette – 63 tablets) & £85.00 for 3 months Spironolactone (84 x 100mg tablets)