Hey Jude, don’t make it bald!
14th September 2012
After wearing a beanie for nearly three months solid, Jude Law finally chose to remove his headgear, revealing dramatic hair loss. Photographed in Paris whilst attending the Parisian premiere of Sherlock Holmes, Game of Shadows, fans were stunned to see just how far his hairline had receded since it was last seen back in October. In December, Jude Law famously refused to remove his beanie hat whilst being interviewed on the set of the Graham Norton show. Despite being goaded by Graham Norton, his Sherlock Holmes co star Robert Downey Jr, and the audience, Law kept his hat firmly in place saying, “I’ve been scalped for my new film and I’ve got the most heinous hair cut you have ever seen.” He then went on to say, “You’ll see it in a cinema next year.” And so it was that a few months later that people did indeed get to see Jude Law without his hat, but rather than a savage haircut, they saw that his receding hairline had worsened dramatically. Despite the marked loss of hair now visible, Jude Law could have stopped, and potentially reversed, his receding hairline many years ago before it became quite so obvious. With careful use of medications such as Propecia or Regaine, he could quite easily have prevented his hairline from becoming a media story and avoided the need for wearing a procession of strange hats. Hair loss specialists are all agreed that proactive treatment is the best way to deal with hair loss, and that the earlier expert advice is sought, the better the chances of correcting a receding hairline before it becomes noticeable. Early treatment has the added advantage of being significantly cheaper than the extreme techniques, such as hair transplants. When asked for his opinion, leading UK Trichologist David Bailey said, “Jude’s frontal hair line has been shrinking over the last five years. I cannot believe that he has not tried some sort of treatment given that he is an actor and in the public limelight. If he hasn’t, then he definitely should think about it. Unfortunately for Jude, this is a sad song, and I don’t think he can make it better.”