Swash 'n' go bald!
24th November 2008
HERE’S the bald truth about jungle favourite Joe Swash he’s secretly splashed out £3,000 for a hair transplant operation to thicken his thinning red locks. A close friend of the former EastEnders star revealed: “Joe has been losing his hair for years and has tried everything he can to stop himself going bald. He’s used over-the-counter treatments and tried to covered it up using gels. But finally he decided to have surgery. He wanted to make sure he looked good so he could pull women and also to keep himself in work.” Joe, 26, had the op had a cosmetic surgery clinic in Manchester three years ago—and spent a day under the knife as surgeons delicately transplanted hairs from the back of his head on to his sparse dome. To halt any further baldness he then had to take the drug Propecia every day, at a cost of £400 for every six months course, even though its side effects can include low libido and IMPOTENCE. Our source said: “I don’t think Joe has had any problems with women but he hasn’t taken the drug for a while—and it’s starting to show.