Experts warn humid weather is catastrophic for hayfever sufferers
28th June 2016
hayfeverIf you’re waking up to tears flowing this morning, there’s a chance it might not necessarily be because of England’s inevitable and embarrassing exit from Euro 2016 at the hands of Iceland – it could be your hayfever symptoms flaring up. The recent random mix of sunshine, rain and increasing temperatures might be great for those trying to grow their garden plants or crops, but unfortunately its bad news for hayfever sufferers, with health experts warning that the pollen season will be getting longer. Unpredictable weather has resulted in pollen levels lingering in the ‘very high’ status and the MET office is estimating this will be the case for the rest of the summer. With the number of people  developing hayfever and other types of allergies, experts now warn that the amount of people with hayfever could double and reach a staggering 31.8 million people. Moreover, in recent times there have been scientists that have warned of an ‘allergy epidemic’ within the developed world. New figures from Prevalin Allergy have demonstrated not only a rise in the total number of people stating they are having hayfever symptoms, but the symptoms themselves seem to be getting worse. According to a survey conducted by Prevalin, the average person realises that their sneezing, runny nose and itchy throat could be caused by an allergy to pollen, after 2 years. Prevalin’s survey also found that nearly half (45%) of those suffering with hayfever have made the error of trying to use a decongestant or cold medicine to alleviate their symptoms, when in fact this only irritates the lining of their nose further. Dr Ellie Canon commented: “The changing global environment can have an impact on how we respond to our surroundings, and people may see their symptoms get worse over time.” She added: “The pollen season is extending and more and more people could see themselves suffering with sneezing, itchy eyes and a runny nose throughout the summer. We need to look at new ways of treatment so everyone can control these symptoms.” Health experts are warning that as the planet gets warmer, more plants will begin to emit pollen into the air and flowers will bloom for a longer period of time. “Something I see frequently is patients mistaking their hay fever symptoms for a common cold, and treating them as such. The trouble is that, when you use a decongestant or other over-the-counter cold remedy to treat hay fever, if it’s not indicated for hay fever then you can irritate the lining of the nose further,” said Dr Ellie. “As symptoms get worse and last for longer, its important people know how to treat them correctly. “While it can be tricky to tell the difference, the dead giveaway for hay fever is itchiness. If you find yourself experiencing itchy eyes, ears, mouth or throat, it's probably hay fever you’re dealing with.” Omega pharma, the company that manufactures the Prevalin Allergy range, have just released Prevalin Allergy Plus, a nasal spray with a unique double action formula that provides fast relief at the onset of symptoms, getting to work in a mere 3 minutes - 5 times faster than hayfever tablets. Like all products in the Prevalin Allergy range, the new treatment is drug and steroid free, meaning it’s suitable for athletes, pregnant and breast feeding women. Bea Warner, Brand Manager at Omega Pharma, says: “Hayfever is becoming increasingly common and, for many people, increasingly debilitating. “Thankfully, drug and steroid free Prevalin Plus contains an extra layer of defence to help protect you, with an anti-allergic therapeutic oil that helps reduce sensitivity to pollen. “It’s something completely different, and offers those who have given up on summer because of hayfever the chance to enjoy it like they used to!”