Eating fatty foods is bad for your heart?
5th July 2012
We all know that fatty foods are bad for you, especially when it comes to heart disease, right, well yes and no. In a study conducted by scientists at the University of Cambridge 25,000 Britons aged between 40 and 79 it was found that those who cut their intake of unhealthy ‘saturated fats’ reduced their risk of heart problems however, it was also found that those whose diet included food rich in omega 6 (a fatty acid present in vegetable oil, nuts and seeds) significantly reduced their risk of heart disease. Dieters are encouraged not just to cut out saturated fats contained in foods such as cheese and biscuits but to replace them with good fats contained in foods such as seeds and nuts. The research suggests that it is the balance of cutting out ‘saturated fats’ and taking in ‘good fats’ that could be key in preventing coronary heart disease, which is the UK’s biggest killer. The study claimed that whilst current advice to reduce our intake of ‘saturated fats’ was correct, people need to be aware of the need to eat foods rich in omega 6 which can be found in avocadoes, eggs, poultry, seeds and nuts. The link between saturated fats, cholesterol and heart disease is already well established according to the department of health however this new study certainly suggests that we should be looking at including ‘good fats’ in our diet as well.