During their life the average Briton will suffer over 9,000 ailments
28th May 2012
The Benenden Healthcare Society have published the results of a survey that shows the average Brit suffers with accident or illness approximately 9,672 times during their life. This includes various conditions such as an upset stomach, headache, shaving cuts and backache. The survey quizzed 2,000 Brits and one in four of those described themselves as ‘accident prone’. Half admitted to having hit their head at some point in their life whilst getting out of the car. Furthermore, a quarter also said they had suffered a bite from their pet or had stood onto a plug. From the survey, it seems we can expect to experience a sore throat on 3 occasions each year along with 4 cricked necks and 4 episodes of heartburn.  If this isn’t bad enough, we will roughly have 6 cases of upset stomach, 5 cramps and cut ourselves 5 times. This equates to some form of injury or pain once every 3 days. In addition, during our lifetime, we can look forward to a tripping or falling over a whopping 234 times, have 156 blisters and have a nosebleed 78 times. A member of the Benenden Healthcare Society, Lawrence Christensen, commented on the survey, “Even without the threat of serious health conditions, the average human body takes an awful battering day to day, which demonstrates why life just isn’t designed to be easy. Whilst it’s unnecessary to suddenly develop a hypochondriac attitude to life, be sure to visit your GP if you do feel you are experiencing higher than average occurrences of ailments such as sore throats, stomach upsets and back pain.” Mr Christensen further added he would advise everybody to maintain good posture, wash hands regularly, eat healthily and engage in plenty of exercise. At Medical Specialists Pharmacy, we strive to make life that little bit easier for you.  We have a massive range of products that can help you with many things such as erectile dysfunction, asthma, acne, premature ejaculation, sexual health and many more.  As we mentioned last week, we understand that the hot weather the UK is currently experiencing can be detrimental to asthma and allergy sufferers in particularly, so don’t delay in obtaining your inhalers, such as Ventolin Evohaler, which we sell cheaper than the NHS. If you have already been prescribed an inhaler, have lost your inhaler, or run out and cannot get a prescription immediately, we are able to supply you an inhaler to help your asthma symptoms. We offer both blue (relievers) inhalers such as Ventolin and Salbutamol, and brown (preventers) inhalers such as Qvar Beclomethasone, Qvar Easi-Breathe and Pulvinal Beclomethasone. Our constantly expanding product range now also includes Prevalin allergy nasal spray, Prevalin allergy kids nasal spray and Alomide allergy eye drops, which can all help to combat hay fever.