Celebrity hair loss stories: The bald truth uncovered!
24th October 2013
celebrity hair lossHair loss is one of the most common conditions in the world - Male pattern baldness being the most common form of hair loss, affecting an estimated 6.5 million men in the UK alone. However, there are many types and causes of hair loss, and whether it is affecting a man or woman, can create a large degree of anxiety and loss of self-esteem. With today’s media becoming increasingly fixated on celebrity’s fluctuations in weight, fashion choices, love life developments, and other scrutinising of their life, any slight amount of hair loss will be reported – and fast. In this regard, it should offer some comfort for the millions of men and women around the world with hair loss to know that celebrities are just human like the rest of us. They are not superhuman and are still susceptible to problems and conditions like everybody else. You cut them, they bleed. In recent years celebrity hair loss stories, gossip, etc. are becoming more common and in the last 12 months alone we have heard questions asked about Wimbledon champion Andy Murray losing hair and even pop superstar Justin Bieber saying Prince William should use the hair loss treatment Propecia. We have also heard from some celebrities themselves who are experiencing a varying scale of hair loss, for a variety of reasons. Here we recall some of the other celebrities with hair loss and what they had to say about their experience. . Wayne Rooney (footballer) Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney announced himself to the world stage in 2002, when the then 16-year-old scored a last-minute wonder goal for Everton against Arsenal. In subsequent years, the pressure of playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world and allegations about his private life appear to have affected his hair and Rooney has been battling hair loss for a number of years. In June 2011, Rooney confirmed he had undergone a hair transplant, tweeting: “Just to confirm to all my followers I have had a hair transplant…I was going bald at 25, why not? I’m delighted with the result.” Since that expensive £30,000 transplant, Rooney’s hair has thinned yet again and earlier this year he had a second ‘top-up’ transplant at the same London Harley Street clinic. However, some have speculated that Rooney could have saved himself a lot of money if he had acted sooner and perhaps used a combination of medically proven treatments to prevent further hair loss and promote hair growth, such as Propecia and Regaine (respectively). Just because something costs an absolute fortune, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is guaranteed to do the business…there are plenty of overpaid footballers as evidence for this! . David Beckham (retired footballer) Retired footballer and global superstar David Beckham has tried countless weird and wonderful hairstyles over the last 15 years and has been known to reach for the blonde hair dye on occasions too. The ill-fated cornrows is just one memorable change to his hair which will have added to the strain he has undoubtedly placed on his follicles through the years. Although there has been noticeable recession at the temples, Beckham still retains a decent head of hair for a man pushing 40 years of age. He has never publically admitted to using any particular product or medication to hold on to his hair, but there have been whispers of a hair transplant. Beckham has admitted his fears of losing his hair, and in 2012 when asked if he had undergone a hair transplant, or would consider one in future years, he said: “Someone said I’d had a hair transplant. There’s definitely nothing wrong with doing that, but I don’t think personally I would. If I do start showing signs of going bald, then I will shave it off. I’ve still got hair. I’m still fighting it.” . Will Young (singer) Will Young was just 23 years of age when he beat Gareth Gates to win the UK Pop Idol in 2002. Back then it was clear he was having slight recession in his hair, which slowly progressed over the subsequent years. Unusual for a celebrity, Young has been open and honest about his battle to beat hair loss. He quashed rumours of a hair transplant after his hairline and hair thickness started to improve, instead crediting the medication Propecia for the turnaround. He spoke of his hair loss in 2009, saying: “I love my hair – my barber, Paul, has given me a 50s style with a bit of a quiff. I take Propecia pills for my hair, because I started losing it four years ago. It's a horrible thing – it's emasculating and you just feel you aren't sexy any more. The pills worked and my hair grew back.” . January Jones (actress) Back in January of this year the Mad Men actress revealed that consistently dying her hair had triggered hair loss. The star, who plays Betty Draper on the hit TV series, has been a brunette, redhead and blonde during her career thus far. She commented earlier this year: “I have been every colour and now my hair is falling out in clumps. I’m going to have to shave it off and wear a wig. I like it all colours, it makes you feel different according to what colour it is, but I prefer to be blonde.” . Selma Blair (actress) Another American actress to suffer with female hair loss is Selma Blair, and no…not from the stress of trying to get along with Charlie Sheen during the filming of ‘Anger Management’. After giving birth to son Arthur in 2011, Selma was photographed less than six months later with her scalp quite visible around her hair parting. Many new mothers suffer with hormonal hair loss due to decreased estrogen levels, but the problem usually subsides after six months. Speaking about the problem at the time, Selma said: She said: '”This is so not glamorous, but it’s true: I need to take longer showers so that I can collect the hair that falls out and throw it away so I don’t clog the drain. Why do actresses never talk about that? It just started falling out at the three-month mark. And I’m not a girl who likes extensions, so Selma’s going to be bald!”