Exciting New Premature Ejaculation Treatments!
7th February 2019
Premature ejaculation (PE) is a condition that many men may feel embarrassed to discuss properly with their partner or a doctor, however it is a genuine health concern that should be treated. Although PE is often more common in younger men, some older men also suffer with something that is highly frustrating for both partners and leaves one or both feeling quite unsatisfied. Currently, men have the options of oral medicine such as Priligy and/or the use of a desensitising spray such as Stud 100, which have both proved to be in high demand at Medical Specialists® Pharmacy over the years. However, the new treatment - cligosiban - could be hitting the market if trials continue to run successfully and approval is given by health bodies for the use of the drug as a therapy for premature ejaculation. The new drug works at blocking ‘love hormone’ oxytocin and has been shown to help men last almost a whopping 400% longer in the sack. Over 200 men are taking part in the clinical trial of the PE drug, currently going by the moniker of ‘cligosiban’, although this unattractive name will undoubtedly be changed prior to any future potential launch into the market. Scientists from Tulane University School of Medicine in the US initially recruited 88 men that were found to be suffering with PE, and were assigned either the trial drug or a dummy placebo. The average time to orgasm was found to be just 33 seconds at the start of the 6-week trial. To put this into perspective, although there is no set time than a man should be able to last in bed, it is generally thought that routinely climaxing less than 2 minutes after penetration could mean you have PE. This average time of 33 seconds increased 3.8-fold in those taking the drug - more than double the effects from the placebo drug. There are now currently 220 men involved in another placebo-controlled trial at 29 centres across the US. Speaking about how PE can damage relationships and even mental health, Dr Sarah Jarvis speaking to The Sun commented: "Premature ejaculation is extremely common. We don’t know precisely how many men have it because embarrassment stops many of them from seeking medical help, but it may be up to one in three men. "It can have a huge impact on confidence and often affects relationships, and can even lead to depression. In fact, I often see men coming in for the first time to talk about it when it has led to the break-up of a relationship. "Premature ejaculation is virtually never associated with more serious medical conditions, unlike erectile dysfunction (not being able to get an erection or to keep it up), which is closely linked to heart disease and diabetes. "Occasionally, people with nervous system conditions like multiple sclerosis or nerve damage, or chronic prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland) can lead to premature ejaculation. "However, it’s extremely unlikely that premature ejaculation would be the first sign of one of these conditions." The new drug cligosiban is an ‘oxytocin antagonist’, basically meaning it works to prevent oxytocin from binding to cells within the body. If this particular hormone is blocked, ejaculation can be delayed. Although the drug is still in its trial phase and could be some time – even years – before any possible release into the market, the early signs are certainly good. If all that wasn’t exciting enough, men suffering with PE also have the option of other relatively new treatments such as Fortacin, containing a mixture of local anaesthetics lidocaine and prilocaine in a metered-dose aerosol spray, and Emla Cream. Emla also contains lidocaine and prilocaine, but comes in a cream form that is applied to the penis to help numb the nerve endings which are involved with the process of ejaculation. As mentioned previously, Medical Specialists® already have Priligy, oral tablets that work to prolong a man's sexual performance by an average of 200% to 300%, and the Stud 100 spray, which contains lidocaine and works to reduce the sensitivity of the penis, prolonging intercourse and provides greater satisfaction for both partners. It is ideal for men who are unable to swallow pills. Keep checking the Medical Specialists® website in the coming months as we look to add these exciting new PE treatments!