Premature ejaculation campaign urges men to get treated
22nd January 2014
premature ejaculationTV Doctor and star of ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ Dr Christian Jessen, yesterday launched a new premature ejaculation campaign in Ireland. The ‘Take Control’ awareness campaign is aimed at tackling a condition which is still the most common type of sexual dysfunction in men, affecting around 1 in 5 Irish males. The Irish Association of Sexual Medicine have voiced their concerns that many men are simply ignoring their symptoms, disregarding it as just ‘stress’, or are feeling to ashamed to discuss the problem, which should not be the case in the 21st century and there are a whole range of premature ejaculation treatments out there for men. Although opinions about what could be classified as ‘satisfactory sex’ can vary between couples, it should be worth noting that the NHS state that if you are regularly ejaculating prior to or within one minute of entering your partner’s vagina, this is usually regarded as a medical issue that should be treated. Hopefully, with the new campaign which kicked off yesterday, more men will now feel open about the issue of premature ejaculation. There is also a Take Control website offering some myths and truths about premature ejaculation, advice on how to speak to your doctor about it, as well as real life stories from people who have also experienced premature ejaculation problems. "PE is one of the last remaining sexual taboos and so many men who suffer from it find it embarrassing and difficult to talk about,” commented Dr Jessen at yesterday’s launch. “Leaving it unaddressed can have a very negative impact upon men’s confidence and their overall well-being, not to mention their relationships.” Erectile dysfunction is one issue Medical Specialists Pharmacy are inundated with phone calls and emails about, with thousands of men seeking our help with the best impotence treatment for them, however premature ejaculation is an area that more men need to come forward about and get treated for. Following an online consultation with one of our doctors, men with the condition can buy Priligy, an oral medication that can prolong a man's sexual performance by an average of 200% to 300%. After all, recent research showed that an incredible 85% of Irish people believe it is an imperative thing to satisfy their partner sexually as it will boost the strength of the overall relationship, and this is one stat that is probably applicable to other countries around the globe, not just specific to Ireland. Trish Murphy, a psychotherapist, has spoken to countless couples and helped them with the condition, witnessing herself how it can be detrimental to relationships. She says: “The potential shame and embarrassment combined with anger and frustration for men and their partners can create a vicious cycle that compounds the problem and limits the chances of reclaiming lost intimacy. These psychosexual aspects underline the importance of sexual counseling and the treatment of the couple in finding solutions.”