The warm weather could be problematic for those with asthma and hay fever
23rd May 2012
Children can sometimes quite easily pick up a cold, or cough and parents may shrug this off as just children typically falling ill as they do. But recurring episodes of coughing may be an early sign of asthma and should be checked out at the first instance. Currently it is ‘Asthma Awareness Month’ in the US, where incredibly almost 26million people are suffering from asthma. To mark this, the Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP) has created a detailed action plan to increase people’s awareness about the disease. They have done this as they are highly concerned about the increasing number of children who are developing asthma. Many sufferers in the Indian subcontinent still request oral medication to combat asthma, but most doctors argue inhalers are a lot more effective. Dr Anil Raut commented, “These inhalers affect the lung directly rather than going through the whole body. This reduces the time taken for the drug to act, as well as the number of hospital visits, while increasing its efficacy”. As we have highlighted on many occasions, such as here in April and only last week, Asthma is a massive worldwide issue, that needs people to be more aware of in terms of the symptoms, treatment and how to manage the condition. Regular physical exams are always recommended, checking lung function and checking for any allergies. Your doctor may also suggest creating an asthma management plan. This can make you more understand any potential warning signs of an imminent attack and be alert of any possible triggers which may include cigarette smoke, dust, pets and pollen. In India, where the weather is hot, this can further irritate the already inflamed airways. Indeed currently in the UK we are experiencing extremely hot weather, which can trigger allergies, hay fever and asthma attacks. Back in March we discussed in great detail that the effects warm weather has on the people who suffer from these conditions. David Bailey, Managing Director of Medical Specialists Pharmacy said, “Since then we have expanded our rapidly growing range of medications, and now offer Prevalin allergy nasal spray, Prevalin allergy kids nasal spray and Alomide allergy eye drops. All three can help with the symptoms of hay fever, along with our highly requested Ventolin Evohaler, which we sell cheaper than the NHS. With over 10million sufferers in the UK alone, we are determined to help our patients manage their hay fever and live a stress and pain-free life”. At Medical Specialists Pharmacy we offer our patients a huge range of medications to help asthma and allergy sufferers, all at great prices. If you are suffering from asthma like symptoms, you should see your doctor immediately for a diagnosis. Your doctor is able to prescribe medication if he feels you have asthma. If you have already been prescribed an inhaler or have lost your inhaler or run out and cannot get a prescription immediately, we are able to supply you an inhaler to help your asthma symptoms. We now offer both blue (relievers) inhalers such as Ventolin and Salbutamol, and brown (preventers) inhalers such as Qvar Beclomethasone, Qvar Easi-Breathe and Pulvinal Beclomethasone. If you suffer from hay fever or allergies we offer Loratadine tablets, Nasonex spray and the three products mentioned earlier.