Tennis star Serena Williams spotted with bald patch on dinner date
25th October 2011
The former world number 1 women’s tennis star Serena Williams has sparked speculation that she may be going bald. The 30 year old and current world number 14, was on a late night dinner date in Hollywood with her socialite friend Brittny Gastineau.  She was making her way to her car when she went to move her curly locks away from her face, however in doing so exposed a large bald patch. The tennis ace is widely known for her extravagant fashion preferences, famously donning a black lycra cat suit during the 2002 US Open, and often alters her hair through the use of hair extensions. Unfortunately for Serena, it appears this regular use of extensions has damaged her natural hair and it seems she may be suffering from “traction alopecia”. This type of hair loss is caused primarily by force being applied to the hair, either through hair extensions, braiding, weaving, or even as the result of frequently having your hair in ponytails or pigtails. If caught and treated early, this type of hair loss is reversible. Other celebrities who are rumoured to have suffered hair loss as a result of hair extensions include Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Naomi Campbell. When asked, leading Trichologist (hair specialist) David Bailey said, “The hair loss seen on Serena Williams appears to the fronto-vertex region and is indicative of damage caused by traction from hair extensions. It may be that she is also or either suffering from Female Pattern Alopecia, which is due to a hormone imbalance. She should also get her Serum Ferritin levels checked also, as low levels of this can also cause hair loss in women." For women who are experiencing problems with hair loss, at Medical Specialists we can help you. We offer a numerous array of options best suited to your needs.  Available without a prescription, from our Chemist Shop, you can now purchase Regaine for Women. This is specially formulated containing a 20mg/ml of the active ingredient Minoxidil – a clinically proven treatment and is applied direct to the scalp to treat women’s thinning hair. In addition, with a prescription or via a consultation with one of our Doctors, you can buy Dianette now at even lower prices. Studies have shown that Dianette used for 6-9 months clearly decreases hair loss and hair thinning. Dianette has an ability to block androgen activity at the pilosebaceous unit. Because of this ability, Dianette can successfully be used to treat Androgenetic Alopecia or scalp hair loss in women caused by androgen activity. Dianette has been shown to stop further female pattern hair loss and increase hair thickness within about a year of regular use.