Obesity Set to Overtake Smoking As Biggest Cancer Cause
28th September 2018
obesityNew research suggests that one in ten new female cancer cases will be caused by excess weight by 2035, and this is only 2,000 less than tobacco currently. Therefore, it is worth considering the serious dangers of both obesity and smoking, as the former can be often overlooked. These predictions were made using current statistics on obesity and smoking in UK adults. Smoking now causes 12% of new cancer cases among women, around 22,000 – while obesity is attributed to 7.5% of cases, equating to around 13,200 per year. It is expected that by 2035, the number of cases of obesity will increase to 23,000, while despite decreasing smoking rates, we will possibly see a small increase in cases of cancer caused by smoking, going up to 25,000. About a quarter of a century from now, in 2043, with obesity that continues to rise, the two are expected to change places. The projections of the study for men also show that excessive weight is increasing as a cause for new cases of cancer – from 9,600 now to 18,000 in 2043, compared with a smaller increase in the number of smoking cases from 32,200 to 34,000. Obesity means a heavier burden for taxpayers which is why, as a long-term plan is drawn up for the NHS, it means exploring options to help patients lose weight and to help the NHS. At Medical Specialists we provide weight loss aids and stop smoking cessation treatment for anyone that is wanting help to lose weight and to quit smoking. Being overweight increases the risk of 13 types of cancer including bowel, liver and kidney. Simon Stevens, chief executive of NHS England, said: “Obesity is the new smoking, one of the greatest public health challenges of our generation, placing people at much greater risk of cancers, heart attacks and other killers.” Professor Linda Bauld of Cancer Research UK, who conducted the research, said: “Obesity is currently a huge threat to public health and it will only get worse if nothing is done”.