Obese and jobless mother of 6 wants a taxpayer funded gastric bypass
28th March 2012
A 43 year old mother of 6 is demanding a NHS gastric bypass operation, which would cost the taxpayer around £14,000. Sara Agintas, who currently weighs 33 stone and is a 36-38 dress size, complains she is too big to work and too big to fit onto an aeroplane seat and thus cannot go on holiday anywhere. She moans that she would have to pay for an additional seat. The 43 year old has admitted that she drinks 12 small cans of lager daily and it is estimated her calorie intake is a massive 5,690 each day. This is 3,690 more than the recommended daily intake for women. Mrs Agintas and her husband receive £17,000 annually in benefits to support them and the 6 children, the youngest being 9 years old and the eldest is 25. She first fell pregnant at age 17 and at this point started to develop cravings for unhealthy junk food. After ballooning to 15 stone after just a few months into her pregnancy, Mrs Agintas saw her weight go up and up through the proceeding pregnancies. After the birth of her first child, she claims she was then turned down for 15 job applications. Recalling those years, she says: “I’ve always been big-boned, although I did eat loads of cakes, crisps, and biscuits. It didn’t put men off and I got pregnant the first time I had sex. I was happy, because I’d always wanted to be a mum”. After the rejections from employers, Mrs Agintas settled into a life of benefits after this. “I gave up looking for work after that. I was better off on benefits. I couldn’t afford fresh food, so I ate cheap junk food. I had up to eight tins of sausages a day”. By 1990, a 21 year old Agintas had a new boyfriend and tipped the scales at 20 stone, squeezing into a size 24 dress. Shortly after this she had her second and third children, now weighing 30 stone. 3 years later she was dumped and turned to food for comfort. In 1996 Sara found love again and in 1998 she gave birth to her fourth child, Sam. At this point she had shot up to an incredible 38 stone. She comments on this time: “After having Sam, doctors told me to diet, but it was hard. I joined a gym, but could only do five minutes on the running machines, then I’d have fish and chips afterwards”. Following this, Sara did successfully manage to lose some weight, at one point weighing in at 32 stone. However, the good work was undone during her next pregnancy, putting 2 stone back on. Agintas suffers from diabetes, arthritis, and asthma and says, “I can never get below 30 stone. Only a bypass will help me”. She further added: “I can’t afford a personal trainer or weight-loss surgery. I need help from the taxpayer. I know it’s my fault I’m fat, but my pregnancy cravings meant I couldn’t stop eating”. Some may have little empathy with Agintas though, arguing she has made no real effort to lose weight and brought her weight problem on herself. If you cannot afford the hefty cost of an NHS gastric bypass, are overweight or obese, and want to lose weight, Medical Specialists Pharmacy can help you. Xenical is currently the only clinically proven and prescription only slimming medication available. It works in the digestive system, blocking roughly one-third of the fat in the food you eat from being digested and absorbed by your body. Alli is a slightly weaker version of Xenical and can be obtained from our chemist shop without a prescription, the only medication of it's kind to receive approval from the European Commission.