Medical Specialists® Pharmacy launch Mobile Website after huge Patient Demand
9th April 2015
MSC mobile siteMedical Specialists® Pharmacy are delighted to announce they have now gone mobile! The new mobile website has been created due to the ever-changing requirements of their patients, with increasingly hectic lifestyles now meaning a lot of us are using our mobile phones or tablets to access the internet whilst on the go. The streamlined mobile site will offer a much faster, efficient and overall better browsing experience for all new and existing patients, with optimal download speed and a site that has been designed specifically for the differing screen shapes and sizes of mobile devices. Introducing the mobile version of the Medical Specialists® website will be fantastic news to those always on the move throughout the day, with little time to sit down at a computer, or even those that don’t own a computer. The pharmacy receives countless phone calls from patients each and every day looking to place a telephone order with them purely because they are struggling to order from their tablet or phone, so the Medical Specialists® IT department realised a mobile-friendly website was absolutely vital to cater for the needs of the massive patient base that come to them. Those patients that are returning to Medical Specialists® will now be able to log-in to their user area within seconds of accessing the mobile site, with a more concise, rapid and mobile-friendly browsing experience when searching for treatments of conditions like erectile dysfunction, male pattern baldness, alcohol dependence and much more. After all, nobody wants to spend time on their mobile phone or tablet attempting to frantically scroll through a condensed desktop website that is simply too difficult to read and too time consuming when trying to perform the most basic of tasks on it. Most of us will have been there before…somebody sends us a link to a website either by text message or email, and clicking on the link merely brings up an unviewable, scrambled, chaotic mess. Annoyingly, the screen size will probably have to be resized upon each click of that website’s subpages – zooming in and out - with agonisingly slow loading times from all the text and images the mobile device will have to load from the desktop site. Moreover, imagine as a business having a collection of your website links all squashed together just because the page isn’t configured for a mobile device, coupled with the fact we have to use our fingers which aren’t as accurate as the click of a computer mouse…potential customers may find themselves consistently pressing the wrong link and quickly ending up very frustrated! If the user can’t easily browse and read the content on a specific website from their mobile device, they will leave frustrated, uninspired, and that particular business has just lost out on a potential sale and long-term customer. Anyone already familiar with Medical Specialists® will perhaps not be surprised at the introduction of the new mobile site. For over 20 years they have been at the forefront of using the internet as an efficient way of reaching out to patients, mainly with the changing demands of today’s world. Back in 1994 Medical Specialists® was heavily involved in computerisation of their patients and medication, and then by 2001 became the first legal online clinic in the UK supplying a range of medication via online consultation, by their in-house Doctor. Then from 2012, the pharmacy could dispense NHS prescriptions either by patients sending their paper prescriptions or if the patient’s GP sends the prescription to the pharmacy via the Electronic Prescription Service. As previously reported on the Chamber of Commerce, in 2014 Medical Specialists® also started to offer certain over-the-counter products on e-commerce giant Amazon, and has seen this side of the business boom in the subsequent months. Therefore, the need for a mobile site was imperative and may lead to even further growth for Medical Specialists® in the very near future!