Islington has highest rate of herpes in the UK
14th July 2011
A report on herpes in the UK has shown that those who had diagnosed 178 cases of shingles per 100,000 in 2010 to 13% more than in the area of ​​the second worst and meaning 356 in total. Only cases diagnosed at sexual health clinics could be recorded in the studio, so the actual infection rate was much more likely to be higher.  Dr Eva Jungmann, senior consultant at the Center of Arc, a sexual health clinic in Holloway Road, Archway, said: "Some people with herpes is very hard to bear, and get frequent recurrences. There is a great health risk but poorly can affect people psychologically and socially. "A cause of ulcers, also increases the likelihood of transmitting or acquiring HIV." Islington also has the third highest rate of gonorrhea in the UK - which has seen a 26% increase since 2009 - and was in the first seven areas of syphilis and genital warts, according to figures released by the Agency for Health Protection. Chlamydia is most common, with 584 diagnosed cases per 100,000 people. Dr. Jungmann said Islington is likely to be greatly affected by sexually transmitted diseases are more common in less affluent areas.  He added: "health education activities for youth and outreach projects have been reduced - so I would not be surprised to see further increases." STI rates in London as a whole are 50 percent higher than the rest of the country, but recurrent outbreaks of the virus that can be treated with medications such as Valtrex. For more information on where to buy Valtrex online, please click on the highlighted link.