How long do American men last for in the bedroom?
2nd April 2014
premature ejaculationMen in New Mexico are able to lay claim to a surprising boast after new research suggests that on average, they last longer in the bedroom compared to those in all the other states across the United States. An smartphone mobile app named Spreadsheets which tracks the ‘duration, thrusts, and decibel peak’ of a couple's sexual rhythm, analysed the data from 10,000 of its users to assess just how long couples from different states in America were lasting for. According to the Spreadsheets app website, the technology works by monitoring ‘user’s movement and audio levels through the accelerometer and microphone to provide statistical and visual analysis of their performance in bed’. Those using the app can unlock 30 'achievements' – a points-based system where couples can set targets or challenges for themselves, such as earning ten points for early morning sex. For those concerned about privacy, you might be relieved to learn that the app will not record or playback audio or video and all data is stored securely on a person's mobile device and information will never be relayed, backed up, or synced to the internet, according to the Spreadsheets website. New Mexico, a state located in the southwest and western regions  of the United States, topped the average intercourse time (excluding foreplay) with just over seven minutes, compared to a mere average time of 81 seconds in the state of Alaska. The full list was as follows: 1. New Mexico (7:01) 2. West Virginia (5:38) 3. Idaho (5:11) 4. South Carolina (4:48) 5. Missouri (4:22) 6. Michigan (4:14) 7. Utah (3:55) 8. Oregon (3:51) 9. Nebraska (3:47) 10. Alabama (3:38) 11. Delaware (3:33) 12. Hawaii (3:28) 13. Wisconsin (3:22) 14. North Dakota (3:18) 15. Arizona (3:17) 16. Maryland (3:15) 17. Mississippi (3:10) 18. Rhode Island (3:09) 19. Connecticut (3:07) 20. Texas (3:06) 21. New Hampshire (3:04) 22. Wyoming (3:03) 23. New York (3:01) 24. Pennsylvania (2:58) 25. Maine (2:58) 26. Washington (2:51) 27. Iowa (2:50) 28. Illinois (2:49) 29. North Carolina (2:47) 30. Tennessee (2:46) 31. Kansas (2:38) 32. California (2:38) 33. Massachusetts (2:31) 34. Florida (2:29) 35. New Jersey (2:28) 36. Indiana (2:26) 37. Virginia (2:23) 38. Oklahoma (2:21) 39. Colorado (2:21) 40. Minnesota (2:19) 41. Ohio (2:18) 42. Louisiana (2:17) 43. Kentucky (2:14) 44. Arkansas (2:08) 45. District of Columbia (2:08) 46. Nevada (2:07) 47. Georgia (2:07) 48. Montana (2:03) 49. Vermont (1:48) 50. South Dakota (1:30) 51. Alaska (1:21) Precisely how long sexual intercourse should last can vary from one couple to the next, i.e. what is satisfying for one couple may not be satisfactory for another. The 2009 study ‘Canadian and American Sex Therapists’ Perceptions of Normal and Abnormal Ejaculatory Latencies: How Long Should Intercourse Last?’, determined that sexual intercourse usually ranges from three to seven minutes on average and another study found the average time was five and a half minutes from the moment of penetration to ejaculation. For a man to ejaculate prior to or within a minute of penetration, this is usually deemed to be a genuine medical condition requiring treatment through over the counter products such as Stud 100 spray and/or the prescription-only medication Priligy – the latter works to prolong a man's sexual performance by an average of 200% to 300%. As highlighted earlier, sometimes a man’s premature ejaculation problems are so severe that sex is a seemingly impossible task as he ejaculated before entering the vagina. This can be hugely damaging for a man’s self-confidence, and frustrating for both partners especially if they are trying for a baby.