Hereford teen dies from suspected asthma attack
9th July 2012
An 18-year old beauty student from Hereford has tragically passed away after speaking to her mother on the phone and complaining she was short of breath. Bianca Hart was enjoying a socialising drink with friends in Hereford on 27 June to celebrate the end of her exams at Hereford College of Beauty before her asthma symptoms began to develop. After phoning her mother to say ‘I can’t breathe’, she was immediately rushed to the County Hospital in the early hours of Thursday 28 June. Bianca lost consciousness inside the hospital after suffering a huge asthma attack and whilst awaiting an assessment from doctors. Paramedics then tried their best to save her but unfortunately she died a few hours later. Police have spoken to immediately dispel any notion that her drink may have been spiked. Bianca’s sister released a statement and paid tribute to her sister, saying, “Bianca lived life to the full, loved to be around her friends and socialising around the town. She was a very caring person, trustworthy, lively, beautiful, angelic by nature, fashionable and a confident person.” Bianca is the third person to die from a suspected asthma attack in Herefordshire in the last two months, following the death of a 14-year old Ross-on-Wye schoolgirl Lauren Hughes and 48-year old Linda Robinson. These deaths have stressed just how serious asthma can be if not properly treated and managed. Attacks can occur at any time but certain things can trigger an attack such as: . Smoke from cigarettes. We would advise you stop smoking immediately if you smoke and have asthma, or avoid inhaling the smoke from those around you. . Pollen from trees and grass. . Paint fumes. . House dust mites. . Changes in air temperature. For example going from a warm room into cold air outside can sometimes trigger an attack. . Some asthmatics experience an asthma attack during exercise and may need to use their reliever inhaler such as Ventolin prior to beginning the exercise. You can obtain this from Medical Specialists Pharmacy cheaper than on the NHS. The problems of Asthma are a global issue that Medical Specialists are determined to do something about by offering patients a wide range of asthma reliever and preventer inhalers to best suit your needs. Indeed across the Atlantic, North America is currently experiencing soaring temperatures in the grip of a torturing heat wave. The heat will affect everybody, but those with asthma a lot more. Lafayette asthma and allergy physician Dr. Ketan Sheth spoke last month about how the heat will have impact on asthmatics and said, "Hot weather increases a lot of pollution that is outside so air pollution is going to cause people with asthma to have trouble and just the heat and the humidity itself is really going to trigger problems.” Americans suffering from asthma have been warned to take the following precautions to stay safe during the heat wave: . Stay indoors with the windows close. This can help to avoid smoke, dirt and other things that could trigger an attack. . Keep hydrated. . Keep up to date with the weather forecast. . Limit outdoor activity if possible. . Be careful using fans – These can blow allergens around the air. . Finally, plan what action to take in case of an attack. Use your asthma medications often and always have rescue medication in your possession.