Great news for dieters as XLS-Medical becomes available
25th September 2012
This month sees the release of the fat-binding weight loss aid, XLS-Medical. Many of us will have seen the advertising campaign on TV, however, is XLS-Medical worth considering. Previously XLS-Medical was only available from Boots and Lloyd’s pharmacy; however it has now been made available for general release. This can only be good news for the public because with more companies supplying it, the competition will be sure to bring the price down. So what exactly is XLS-Medical? What does it contain? How does it work? Is it safe and most importantly does it work? XLS-Medical Fat Binder is a proven weight management aid which comes in tablet form. It can support weight loss efforts as it binds dietary fats in the stomach, preventing that fat from being absorbed by the body. XLS-Medical does this by absorbing the fat molecules to form a fat fibre complex. The fat fibre complex is too large to be absorbed and so is eliminated naturally in your stools when you go to the toilet. XLS-Medical Fat Binder contains the clinically proven fat binder Litramine and essential fat soluble vitamins A, D and E. These added vitamins help compensate for the loss of fat soluble vitamins from the body. This loss can occur because you are reducing the amount of fat your body absorbs. XLS-Medical Fat Binder has been proven to bind up to 27.4% of fats from food before it replenishes the body with fat soluble vitamins. The proven weight loss results are compelling in their own right, but it may also be useful to know that XLS-Medical Fat Binder is both gentle on the system, and also has an established safety profile, making it a very helpful weight management tool. It is unusual to experience any side effects. Eleven million packs of XLS-Medical have been sold to date in Europe, with no reported safety issues. Because of the way XLS-Medical works, it does not interfere with the body's natural workings. The recommendation for weight loss using XLS-Medical is to adopt a reduced calorie, lower fat diet in addition to regular exercise and to take 2 tablets 3 times a day after meals, with up to 6 tablets taken per day. The NHS suggests that people should aim for sensible weight loss, which is between one and two pounds (0.5 to 1 kilogram) per week. It is also recommended that people monitor their body mass index (BMI) and aim to remain within the healthy range of BMI, which is between 18.5 and 24.9. XLS-Medical has been clinically proven to aid weight loss. If you consume 500 calories a day fewer than the recommended intake, exercise and take XLS-Medical according to the instructions, you should find that, after 12 weeks, you will have lost significantly more weight than you would have done through dropping calories and increasing exercise alone. This was the result shown in a recent clinical trial under strictly controlled conditions and involving 125 healthy volunteers. In addition to this XLS-Medical provide an online support programme called ‘123 Hello Me’ which offers:  An interactive weight loss and BMI tracker, which will help you chart your progress and stay motivated, Regular reminders to take your tablets sent straight to your phone and daily hints, tips and encouragement from your personal virtual coach. The information has been especially designed to be easy to understand and includes meal plans and simple exercise routines. The meal plans are based on those used in the clinical studies. They only contain everyday ingredients, so that they appeal and are useful to as many people as possible. The 123 Hello Me programme was written by Dietician and Nutritionist Helen Bond who is a consultant dietician. She is the nutrition voice for BBC Radio Derby, a spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association and regularly contributes to the press. Helen is also fully registered with the British Dietetic Association, the Freelance Dieticians Group and the Health Professions Council. The availability of XLS-Medical certainly looks like it is going to be an important tool in helping people lose weight. Here at Medical Specialists we have been already been helping people achieve weight loss through products such as Xenical and Alli, however now we are pleased to announce that we will be stocking XLS-Medical. Please feel free to ring or place an order online where we will be able to offer competitive prices.