Get Involved with Dementia Awareness Week
14th May 2018
Dementia Dementia Action Week takes place on 21-27 May and we will be asking everyone to take actions big and small to improve the lives of people affected by dementia. In the UK, one person develops dementia every three minutes. Yet too many people living with dementia face the condition alone and excluded from society. Events will also be taking place across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Find an event near you by visiting There are 850,000 people in the UK who are affected by dementia, and it does not just affect the elderly. Around 40,000 people in the UK under the age of 65 suffer from early onset dementia. It is believed that by 2051 the number of people who have dementia in the UK will have risen to 2 million. Symptoms of Dementia Include:
  • Memory Loss - problems with short term memory is often the first sign of dementia.
  • Communication Problems - linked to memory loss, communication problems often arise when a person is unable to recall a particular word or phrase in conversation.
  • Changes In Mood - dementia symptoms can have a profound effect on a person's life; this can give rise to mixed emotions (sadness, anxiety and anger).
People can live well with dementia with the right information, care and support. So, by learning just a little bit more about dementia, you can make a big difference. A dementia diagnosis changes the lives of not only a person with dementia, but also their family and friends. Make sure nobody faces Dementia alone.