Dangerous fake ‘Olympic condoms' amongst a £10,000 haul in London
6th August 2012
On the same day we have reported about £117 million of counterfeit drugs being seized in China, we can also confirm that the major problem of counterfeit goods is rife on these shores too! If you are currently in London and enjoying Team GB’s successful Olympic campaign, please make sure you are always vigilant for fake, poorly made goods and Olympic souvenirs. We are issuing these warnings because since the start of the Games on 27 July, there have been seizures of fake goods totalling roughly £10,000 according to the Westminster trading standards. Included in the haul were fake ‘Olympic branded’ condoms, mobile phone covers, t-shirts and shoes. Sue Jones, head of Westminster trading standards, hit out at the criminal activities and said, “This isn't about taking anyone to court, but when traders are trying to trick tourists with shoddy or fake Olympic merchandise, we need to take action. Buying bogus Olympic goods is a false economy - they don't look right, they break easily, and tourists will go away from London with a poor experience of the Games. We want to make sure that people have the best possible experience of the Games and of Westminster.” Unfortunately, what Sue Jones didn’t explain in detail is just how dangerous it is purchasing cheaper counterfeit condoms. If the low price attracts you to purchase fake condoms, perhaps the risks you face with them could deter you, and instead opt for genuine, quality-made Durex or Skins condoms. For example, there is a massive risk the fake condoms will not even do the job they are meant for in the first place! With a lack of good protection on offer, the risk of catching and spreading a sexually transmitted infection such as chlamydia or herpes is massive, as well as unwanted pregnancies. Male and female contraception should only be purchased from a highly reputable source such as Medical Specialists Pharmacy. Every medication or product dispatched to our patients is 100% genuine and their health is at the core of our business practice. We have a wide range of both Durex and Skins condoms at great prices from our chemist shop. However, if you suspect you may have used a low-quality fake condom, we offer a Clamelle chlamydia test kit for just £24.85 which can be used in the privacy of your own home to prevent an embarrassing visit to your GP. Or, if you have been confirmed as having this or gonorrhoea, the antibiotic Azithromycin can prevent the spread of the bacteria so that your body’s natural defences can fight back and remove the infection from your system. We also have the medication Valtrex working out as costing just £3.50 per tablet, which works by slowing the spread of the herpes virus.