Asthma UK launch ‘The Triple A’ campaign to help reduce hospital admissions
2nd February 2012
Asthma is a long-term respiratory disorder, where the air passages within the lungs unexpectedly become inflamed, narrowed, and swollen. This then prevents airflow into and out of the lungs. Attacks occur often in response to an allergen, cold air, exercise, or emotional stress. It is thought that there are 5.4 million people in the UK currently receiving treatment for asthma. This equates to 8.8% of the total population (62 million estimated in 2010). In addition, it effects a staggering 300 million people worldwide. Clearly the condition is a serious issue that people need to be familiar with. At Medical Specialists we have experienced a huge increase in sales for our asthma medicine during the winter season, especially Ventolin and Salbutamol inhalers. There are many facts and statistics about asthma that many people are probably not aware of: . There were 1,131 deaths from asthma in the UK during 2009. . On average, there are 3 deaths per day that are related to asthma. . 61% of people with asthma complain that it prevents them from getting a good night’s sleep. . 42% of people with allergies complain that their allergies have an impact on their social life. . One in 11 children has asthma and it is the most common long-term medical condition. . The UK is among the highest prevalence rates of asthma symptoms in children worldwide. . Smoking during pregnancy considerably increases your baby’s risk of being wheezy or experiencing breathing difficulties. . Children in damp and mouldy homes are 1.5 – 3 times more likely to experience coughing and wheezing. . The NHS spend approximately £1 billion every year for the treatment and care for those with asthma. The common known symptoms of asthma include coughing, tightness of the chest, wheezing, and losing your breath. Unfortunately, the condition has no cure for its sufferers and asthma attacks may suddenly occur out of the blue. It is vital that those with the condition can understand the signs that their asthma is not under control and take steps to rectify this. People with uncontrolled asthma take twice as many days off work compared to people with well controlled asthma and are more liable to have regular asthma attacks and need hospital treatment. Signs that your asthma is not well controlled include: . Requiring more and more of your reliever. . Your reliever does not appear to be working. . Finding it difficult to breathe with short shallow breaths. . Needing to take your reliever more than every four hours. . Waking up at night with coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, or tightness in the chest. . A difficulty in keeping up with your normal level of activity or exercise. Asthma UK is a charity who dedicates themselves to improving the health and well-being for the millions of asthma sufferers nationwide. They have so far invested an amazing £50 million into the research of better treatments and trying to find a cure for the condition. The organization works together with people who have asthma, health professionals, and researchers to develop and share expertise to help people increase their understanding and reduce the effect that asthma has on their lives. They are currently running a UK-based initiative called ‘The Triple A’ campaign (Avoid Asthma Attacks), in an attempt to reduce asthma related hospital admissions. Within the campaign they are offering a free online test for anybody who has asthma. ‘The Triple A Test’ will help determine your risk of an asthma attack and will then provide information on steps you can take to avoid asthma attacks and what to do in the event of one occurring.