63 stone Georgia Davis is in a stable condition
29th May 2012
Georgia Davis, dubbed ‘Britain’s fattest teen’ was last night appearing to be in a much better and stable condition at Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales. The 19 year old who is believed to weigh 63 stone, was admitted to hospital on Thursday on the urgent advice of a GP, due to breathing problems and chest pains arising from her obesity. Georgia is currently on a specialist ward where doctors have put her on a strict diet of 2,000 calories per day in an attempt to help the teen lose weight. Her mother and stepfather are also providing her with plenty of fresh fruit in an attempt to further encourage the weight loss. This is a stark contrast to her recent previous diet which consisted of a frightening 13,000 calories each day. She currently has a Body Mass Index of 142.3. People with a BMI over 30 are classed as obese. Georgia had initially dropped from 33 stone down to a healthier 18 stone back in 2009 during a period of just 9 months, thanks mainly to the efforts of a US boot camp who fed her with plenty of lean buffalo meat and salads. After returning home from boot camp and discovering that her stepfather Arthur had been diagnosed with lung cancer, Georgia returned to her old eating habits and by August 2011 had soared up in weight to an incredible 45 stone. She blamed this on the stress brought on by the lung cancer of Arthur and also poor health of her mum Lesley. Last year she commented, “I was looking after them all the time. I was feeling so sad that they were both going downhill so fast and I stopped taking care of myself. I’m only managing to get out the house about once a week when I try to go to town on the bus. Of course people stare, but I don’t care what they think any more, I’m used to it. We have fish and chips for lunch quite often and usually I eat two portions. Otherwise, it’s sandwiches with six slices of bread and crisps. I find snacks harder to resist as the day goes on and I often eat two Snickers bars at a time. At night I eat a main meal, then more biscuits, crisps and chocolates as I get bored. Afterwards, I feel terrible as I know I’m letting myself down. But I don’t even care what I look like. I’ll just put on any clothes that fit me.” Arthur and Lesley are currently staying in a hotel after a team of 50 police officers, firemen engineers and medics were involved in the 8-hour long process of removing the front of the family’s house and the transportation of Georgia to hospital. Arthur, who has blamed himself for Georgia’s huge weight gain, commented on the events that led up to her being hospitalised, “She has been gaining weight steadily ever since she returned from fat camp in America. But over the last two or three weeks she was finding it harder and harder to stay mobile. Most days she would stay in her bedroom watching American Idol on telly or messaging friends on the computer. However, she would manage to come downstairs to eat or chat to us by sliding on her bum. But on Monday she called for her mum and confessed that she could no longer stand up. Georgia had been in terrible pain for a long time but as usual she was trying to protect me and her mum so she kept it from us. But when she couldn’t get downstairs she had to finally confess. She tried so hard to come down on her bum as usual but couldn’t make it because of the pain of the sores and the swelling in her feet.” He went on to praise the efforts of everybody involved in getting Georgia the medical attention she required, saying, “The emergency services were wonderful and treated her with great respect and dignity but she still needed morphine and an oxygen mask to calm her down. But she was not suffering from a seizure or heart failure as some people have suggested.”