6,000 people are on the waiting list for a new slimming perfume
31st July 2012
We have all probably seen television adverts for various fragrances that can claim to draw the opposite of sex to you, almost like a moth to a flame. Lynx are most famous for these particular adverts and their clever marketing schemes have resulted in many young men dashing out to purchase the latest deodorant spray. Despite the comedy aspect as such adverts, you would be forgiven for thinking that deodorants, aftershaves and perfumes are primarily just for fighting perspiration and emitting a pleasant aroma, but now a new perfume is apparently helpful in helping weight loss too, according to its creators. Launched by French perfume house Robertet and Veld's natural skincare, ‘Prends Moi’ (meaning ‘take me’ in French), the makers claim that the fragrance will help you to ‘slim with pleasure’. The perfume contains chemicals that help to release B-endorphins that are present in the skin and subsequently a ‘pleasure message’ is communicated through the brain. A sense of happiness and well-being will then be created and then the desire to overeat will be reduced. Other components that comprise of Prends Moi include caffeine, carnitine, and spirulina extract, all joining together to make the ‘Slimming Complex’ that works to activate enzymes involved in your body's capability of breaking down fat – also known as lipolysis. In an attempt to prove that the spray is effective in doing what it is claimed, the creators have revealed facts from the 28-day trial study of women who used the spray. All subjects were aged between 18 and 70 years of age and none of them were on any kind of specialised food diet or taking any weight loss medication. Statistics from the trial revealed that: . 75% said the smell was pleasant and they would have no problems wearing it daily. . 82% reported a comforting feeling after applying it. . 73% said they felt a feeling of pleasure. . 75% claimed it decreased their desire to snack. . 70% said they had a feeling of ‘well-being’. Available in three odours; bergamot, mandarin and grapefruit, the 100ml bottles will be sold by The Fragrance Shop for £29.99. Even though there is currently a 6,000 strong waiting list for Prends Moi, the perfume alone may not be a justifiable reason to cancel that monthly gym membership just yet. It is quite possible that the positive results from the trial stemmed from what is commonly known as a ‘placebo effect’ of the sprays on the women involved. This is basically where a medically inactive substance has the same, beneficial effect as what the patient’s expectations are of the therapy, rather than the actual treatment itself. It is in effect, a ‘fake treatment’.