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Voltarol Rapid Tablets (Diclofenac Potassium 50mg) are rapid action effective painkillers that can give you much faster relief from pain compared to other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). It is usually prescribed to treat mild arthritic symptoms or swollen joints. However, Voltarol Rapid has many other uses, such as for gout and lower back pain. You can buy Voltarol online from Medical Specialists® using our safe and secure service with next day delivery.

To ensure the medication is safe for you, we now require you to upload an up to date printed summary of your medical records into the online consultation. You can easily obtain this by request at the reception of your GP surgery.

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  • Fast relief from arthritis symptoms
  • Diclofenac Potassium (works quicker than Sodium)
  • For inflammation as well as pain in joints and muscles
  • Genuine UK medication

What is Voltarol Rapid for?

Please note:  We do not supply this medication to anybody over the age of 60.  In addition, ask your own doctor if it is safe for you to buy Voltarol Rapid online if you currently have, or have had, stomach ulcers previously.

Please note: Your doctor may have prescribed a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) to protect the stomach to be taken at the same time as Voltarol Rapid, particularly if you have had stomach problems before, or if you are elderly, or taking certain other drugs as well. You may have been prescribed a PPI such as Lansoprazole or Omeprazole, or advised to purchase Nexium Control (available to buy online from Medical Specialists®), or Ranitidine or Zantac.

Please note:  If you are currently taking any of the proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) listed above for stomach protection, and are medically suitable to Voltarol Rapid online, please state in your online consultation which PPI you take and the strength of the drug.

Voltarol Rapid 50mg Tablets belong to a group of medicines called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and contain the active ingredient Diclofenac Potassium, which can treat pain much faster than Diclofenac Sodium.

Your own doctor should have assessed your suitability for NSAIDs and may have already prescribed this type of medication for the quick and effective relief of pain, or to reduce swelling and ease inflammation in conditions affecting the joints, muscles and tendons.  Such conditions usually place massive restrictions on our daily life and cause disruption to our livelihood and mood. However, choosing to buy Voltarol Rapid online can offer rapid relief from the onset of pain and allow you to resume your regular activities.

  • Acute gout.
  • Ankylosing spondylitis (a form of spinal arthritis).
  • Arthritis.
  • Bursitis.
  • Frozen shoulder.
  • Pain and inflammation from dental or minor surgery.
  • Pain from dislocations or fractures.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Migraine.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Soft tissue sports injuries.
  • Sprains and strains.
  • Tendonitis.
  • Tenosynovitis (tendonitis with inflammation of the tendon sheath lining).

How does Voltarol Rapid work?

Voltarol Rapid 50mg Tablets is a prescription drug and contains the active ingredient Diclofenac Potassium, which works by blocking the action of a substance in the body called cyclo-oxygenase (COX). Cyclo-oxygenase is associated in the production of different chemicals in the body, some of which are called prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are released by the body in response to injury and certain diseases and conditions, and cause pain, swelling and inflammation.

What is the difference between Diclofenac Potassium and Diclofenac Sodium?

Voltarol Rapid 50mg Tablets contain the active ingredient Diclofenac Potassium. The main difference between the two is simply their response time; Diclofenac Potassium is absorbed into the body faster than Diclofenac Sodium. Diclofenac Potassium is a quick-release tablet, whilst Diclofenac Sodium is a delayed release tablet.

Therefore, it may be preferable to buy Voltarol tablets online if you want to see immediate results and require faster pain relief. Your doctors may prescribe medication containing Diclofenac Potassium (such as Voltarol Rapid) if you are experiencing acute and severe pain. A prolonged action – such as that in Diclofenac Sodium – can be more useful for reducing inflammation.

However, both medications are ultimately effective in the relief of pain, swelling and fever. The types of pain both Diclofenac medications can treat are: arthritic pain, headaches, muscle pain, joint stiffness, and others.

How to take Voltarol Rapid Tablets

When you buy Voltarol Rapid 50mg online, your doctor should have previously told you how many Voltarol Rapid 50mg Tablets to take and when to take them, and further guidance is available in the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL).

Always follow his/her instructions carefully. The dose will be on the pharmacist’s label.

Check the label carefully. If you are not sure, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Keep taking your tablets for as long as you have been told, unless you have any problems. In that case, check with your doctor.

Take the tablets with or after food.

Voltarol Rapid Tablets are specially formulated to act quickly. Swallow the tablets whole with a drink of water. Do not crush or chew them.

The dose of Voltarol Rapid 50mg Tablets can vary depending on the condition you are taking the medication to treat, as well as what your doctor has told you to take each day. Therefore, ALWAYS read the PIL before taking Voltarol Rapid 50mg Tablets.

What are the possible side effects of Voltarol Rapid?

Side effects are rare, and most people don’t get any. Possible side effects may vary from one person to the next, as with any medication. You should always read the manufacturer’s Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) before taking this or any other medication.

This will give you important instructions on how and when to take the medication, as well as any possible side effects of the drug.

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