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Vitaros Cream (Alprostadil) is a rapid-acting erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment and an ideal alternative to orally taken ED medications. Some men may have difficulty swallowing, or have found oral medications to be ineffective or simply cannot take them for other reasons. In this case, Vitaros Cream may be the perfect medication to treat ED. Vitaros can work in as little as 5 to 30 minutes – faster than any oral ED medication. It is only available to UK patients as the medication needs to be stored in a refrigerator until use. Please note, we strongly advise choosing Special Delivery as your delivery type and we cannot be held liable for product degradation if you choose a slower method.

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  • Lasts up to 2 hours
  • Ideal if oral ED drugs haven't been effective
  • Effective in just 5-30 minutes
  • Genuine UK medication

What is Vitaros for?

Vitaros is a topical application prescription medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It contains the active ingredient, alprostadil. Alprostadil is classified as a prostaglandin. Orally taken phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (PDE5) are firstly prescribed to men with ED, unless there is a medical reason they cannot take them. When you buy penis erection cream Vitaros, this provides an alternative therapy for men who either cannot take, or, who do not get a satisfactory erection with PDE5 inhibitors.

How is Vitaros packaged for delivery?

Please note: We STRONGLY advise all UK patients choose the Special Delivery 1pm delivery type when placing the consultation, as we cannot be held responsible for any product degradation should you choose a slower method of delivery when ordering.

In addition, we DO NOT supply / dispatch Vitaros Cream to any patient outside of the UK. Any orders placed with a delivery address outside of the UK will have to be automatically cancelled.

Before you use penis cream, please read the leaflet we have provided on this product page. Unopened sachets of Vitaros Cream need to be stored in a refrigerator with a temperature between 2°C - 8°C. Therefore, to ensure your medication is kept cool in transit, it will be sent inside a fully-insulated box liner with a gel pack inside, which is all protected inside a large protective box. This keeps your Vitaros both cool and undamaged during delivery.

Can I buy Vitaros Online?

Yes, following an online consultation with one of our Prescribers. The medication is a refrigerated item and for this reason, we can only supply this medication to those in the UK. We will send the medication by next day delivery but you will need to put the medication into a fridge immediately upon receipt of your parcel (if you are not planning to use the medication right away).

How does Vitaros work?

Vitaros’ active ingredient alprostadil is a vasodilator, which works by dilating or widening the blood vessels to increase the flow of blood, resulting in the penis becoming erect and then firmer and stronger erections for sexual intercourse.

How to use Vitaros

After you buy penis erection cream Vitaros, always fully read the manufacturer’s instructions. These instructions state:

Hold the tip of the penis in one hand in an upright position and manoeuvre the skin to widen its opening. Take the AccuDose with the other hand and position the tip of the container over the opening.

Do not insert the tip into the opening. Push the plunger down slowly, taking about 5 to 10 seconds to expel all the cream. Continue to hold upright for about 30 seconds so that the cream can penetrate. Some cream may be left around the edge of the opening, and this can be rubbed into the skin. Do not use the contents of another AccuDose container to make up the dose. Finally, replace the protective cap on the container before returning it to its foil sachet and wash your hands. You should achieve an erection within around 5 to 30 minutes after applying Vitaros cream. Once applied, the effect will last for about 1-2 hours but this varies between men. This does not mean you will have a constant erection for this time, but that the medication is viable for 1-2 hours if you do engage in foreplay and stimulation.

What are the possible side effects of Vitaros?

Side effects are rare, and most people don’t get any. Possible side effects may vary from one person to the next, as with any medication. You should always read the manufacturer’s Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) before using this or any other medication.

This will give you important instructions on how and when to take the medication, as well as any possible side effects of the drug.

Please note:  Vitaros manufacturer guidance

Manufacturer advises during initiation of treatment the urethral application should be used under medical supervision; self-administration may only be undertaken after proper training.

Patients should be instructed to report any erection lasting 4 hours or longer.

How we package your order

Your medication is placed inside a plain delivery box* for protection, then sealed inside a special tamper-proof Royal Mail envelope before being dispatched from our in-house pharmacy.

  • Discreet plain packaging / No mention of medication
  • Our minimum sized delivery box* to protect the medication in transit is: W - 18cm, H - 6.5cm, D - 8.5cm
  • Royal Mail Tracked 24 or 48 hr (UK addresses)
  • Royal Mail Special Delivery Before 1pm (UK addresses)
  • Royal Mail Local Collect (UK addresses)
  • Royal Mail International Signed For (Overseas addresses)
  • Some delivery types will require you to sign for the parcel
  • Some delivery types will require you to show Photo ID for the parcel
  • Find out more information about delivery types here

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