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Regaine Foam (5% w/w Minoxidil) is a hugely popular non-prescription medication that is used as an effective treatment for hereditary hair loss in males aged 18-49 years of age. The manufacturer states that 9/10 men said they kept or regrew hair after 16 weeks use. However, you would obviously need to continue to use Regaine longer than 16 weeks to keep benefiting from the product. You can buy Regaine cheap from Medical Specialists®.

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  • Encourages new hair growth
  • Contains 5% Minoxidil
  • Propecia (Finasteride) can be taken whilst using this
  • Genuine UK medication

What is Regaine Foam for? 

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Regaine Foam contains the active ingredient 5% w/w Minoxidil, which is clinically proven to help prevent further hereditary hair loss. It works by increasing the blood supply to the hair follicles which helps to strengthen existing hair and stimulate secondary hair growth. For most men, using Regaine may reverse the process, resulting in regrowth. Regaine should be applied to the scalp twice a day to help kick start your follicles. The easy to use foam takes very little time to apply, which means it seamlessly fits into your daily grooming routine.

How does Regaine Foam work?

In hereditary hair loss, a combination of heredity, hormones, and age causes a progressive shrinking, or miniaturisation, of certain scalp follicles. This causes a shortening of the hair's growing cycle. Over time, as the active growth phase becomes shorter, the resting phase becomes longer. Eventually, there may be no growth at all. The exact mechanism of action of Regaine is uncertain.

However, researchers believe that Regaine works in part by partially enlarging the hair follicles and reversing the miniaturisation process. By enlarging miniaturised follicles, the growth phase of the hair cycle is prolonged, allowing the hair to become longer and appearing thicker. And with more follicles in the growth phase at the same time, it is possible to see improved coverage of the scalp.

Some men may choose to take oral hair loss medication such as Propecia or Finasteride when they buy Regaine Foam for male hair loss, in order to maximise results.

How to use Regaine Foam

Regaine for Men Extra Strength Scalp Foam is for topical and external use only. It should only be applied directly to the scalp area, as outline in the manufacturer’s instructions in the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL).

  • Do not apply to areas of the body other than the scalp.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after applying the foam and rinse other areas that have come into contact with the foam.
  • Make sure your hair and scalp are completely dry before applying the foam.
  • To open container: Match arrow on can ring with arrow on cap. Pull off cap.
  • Hold the can upside down and press nozzle to dispense the foam onto your fingers. The total amount of foam applied should not exceed 1g (equivalent to the volume of half a capful).
  • The foam may begin to melt on contact with warm skin. If your fingers are warm, rinse them in cold water first. Be sure to dry them thoroughly before handling the foam.
  • The foam should be massaged lightly into the affected areas of the scalp.

What are the possible side effects of Regaine Foam?

Side effects are rare, and most people don’t get any. Possible side effects may vary from one person to the next, as with any product. You should always read the manufacturer’s Information Leaflet before using this.

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