Nicorette QuickMist Mouthspray

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If you are looking to quit smoking, you can buy Nicorette QuickMist mouthspray today from our pharmacy. In the UK more smokers choose to stop smoking using Nicorette products than any other nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) brand. The freshmint-flavoured QuickMist spray has rapid action, starting to relieve your cravings in as little as 30 seconds. You do not need a prescription for Nicorette so you can quickly order Nicorette online today from Medical Specialists®.

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  • Rapid relief from cravings
  • Suitable for all smokers and vapers
  • Portable and ideal to use on the go
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What is Nicorette QuickMist Mouthspray for?

Nicorette QuickMist is an effective and highly popular nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). It is used to relieve and/or prevent withdrawal symptoms and reduce the cravings you get when you try to stop smoking tobacco or vaping, or when cutting down the number of cigarettes or e-cigarettes you smoke/vape. When you buy Nicorette QuickMist spray, it offers a much safer alternative to smoking tobacco for both the individual and those around them.

After you order Nicorette, you can use the spray as a way to support your quitting journey, whether you’re ready to fully stop smoking or if you are just starting out by replacing a few cigarettes or e-cigarettes at a time.

What are the benefits of Nicorette QuickMist Mouthspray?

In an ideal world, all smokers would aim to completely quit smoking for good. However, this is not always achievable for some and therefore when you buy Nicorette spray online, it can be used in a variety of ways. For example, to completely replace all of your regular cigarettes, or if you are not yet ready to quit smoking entirely, you can use Nicorette QuickMist as a substitute for certain cigarettes through the day, which will obviously reduce the total number of cigarettes you smoke each day. This in turn could actually provide you extra motivation to give up cigarettes altogether in the future.

When you buy Nicorette online, it’s a convenient product for use on the go anywhere, anytime. You can use Nicorette QuickMist to ease your cravings whenever you feel the urge for a cigarette or vape. Whether that’s in a pub, around family or on public transport.

How does Nicorette QuickMist Mouthspray work?

NRT smoking cessation products such as Nicorette QuickMist work by giving you a low level of nicotine.

You spray Nicorette QuickMist into your mouth. The nicotine is then absorbed through the lining of your mouth to help relieve nicotine cravings and the withdrawal symptoms. You won’t, however, get the same ‘buzz’ as you likely would from smoking.

How to use Nicorette QuickMist Mouthspray

It is important to use enough nicotine spray to control cravings. Use 1 spray first when you would normally smoke/vape, or have cravings to smoke/vape. If your cravings do not disappear within a few minutes use a second spray.

Each bottle contains 13.2ml of nicotine. Each spray roughly delivers 1mg of nicotine into the blood stream.

If 2 sprays are required to control cravings, future doses may be delivered as 2 consecutive sprays.

Do not use more than 2 sprays per dose or 4 sprays per hour or 64 sprays per day.

Care should be taken not to spray the eyes. If you get spray in your eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. Do not inhale whilst spraying to avoid getting spray down your throat.

To closing the nozzle on the mouth spray when you are finished using it, slide the button down until it can be pushed inwards. While pushing in, slide to the top of the dispenser downwards and release the button. 

What are the possible side effects of Nicorette QuickMist Mouthspray?

Side effects are rare, and most people don’t get any. Possible side effects may vary from one person to the next, as with any product. You should always read the manufacturer’s instructions before using this or any other product.

This will give you important instructions on how and when to use the product, as well as any possible side effects.

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