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NHS Prescription


Medical Specialists Pharmacy now provides NHS services. Placing an order for your NHS
prescription is really simple and easy...

Your NHS Prescription

Please fill in below to place your NHS prescription order online.
Simply enter the number of items listed on your NHS prescription, select if you pay for your prescription and press 'Get Started'’.


How many different drug names are on your NHS prescription?
Please select a delivery option:
Do you pay for your NHS prescription?

Payment exemption details

Please tick one of the boxes below to let us know why you (or the patient) are not required to pay for NHS prescription:

Reason for exemption Proof required
  is under 16 years of age   No proof required
  is 16, 17 or 18 and in full-time education   Letter from school or college or documents showing payment of child benifit or family tax credit
  is 60 years of age or over   No proof required
  has a valid maternity exemption certificate   Photocopy of form FP92
  has a valid medical exemption certificate   Photocopy of form FP92
  has a valid prescription pre-payment certificate   Photocopy of form FP96
  has a valid War Pension exemption certificate   Photocopy of war pensions agency form
  is named on a current NHS HC2 charges certificate   Photocopy of HC2 charges certificate
  was prescribed free of charge contraceptives    
  gets, or has a partner who gets Income Support or income related Allowance   Copy of income support order book, giro letter or tear-off portion
  gets, or has a partner who gets Income based Jobseeker's Allowance   We will make a note of your claim and it will be checked later
  is entitled to, or named on, a valid NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate   Copy of working families or disabled persons's tax credit exemption certificate
  has a partner who gets Pension Credit guarantee credit (PCGC)   Copy of partner's pension book, letter or bank statement showing payment from department of work and pensions

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NHS Prescription vs Private Prescription

Medical Specialists can only supply this medication if you have a valid UK private prescription. Private prescriptions differ to NHS prescriptions and do not have the NHS logo on them. Private prescriptions are typically written on the doctor surgery's letter headed paper. An example of a private and NHS prescription is shown below:

What is a Repeatable Prescription?

The same private prescription can be repeated for subsequent treatments. For this to happen, the doctor has to endorse the prescription with the number of repeats he or she wishes to allow. If your prescription is repeatable, the doctor will write the number of reapeats clearly on the prescription.

Medical Specialists require your origional private prescription before your medication can be dispensed.

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