Wife calls police to restrain 82-year-old on Viagra
9th December 2008
The wife, who was also over eighty years old, was worried about her husband & feared he may have a heart attack from over-exertion. She called officers to their home in the Sicilian city of Palermo & told them “that so much passion at the age of 82, with all the aches and pains he has, could prove lethal” Police said that the husband was “furious” when they arrive insisting that it was a private matter. The ordeal was finally solved when other members of the family arrived & the police then left the scene. Tests have proved that Viagra is safe for men with raised cholesterol, heart disease and even high blood pressure Viagra is also not just being used for sex, it’s also becoming popular with sporting professionals, as a performance enhancing drug prompting an investigation by the world doping agency