Viewing Pornography can lead to Erectile Dysfunction
2nd August 2012
A growing number of young men who are otherwise healthy are struggling with sexual dysfunction particularly erectile dysfunction. One thing many of them have in common is regular viewing of internet pornography. Many people view internet porn as a harmless bit of fun but does it have a darker side and can it adversely affect your health particularly when it comes to sexual performance. Well according to Italian urologist Carlo Foresta (head of the Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine) it can and does have a negative effect on sexual performance. Dr Foresta noticed that “70% of the young men his clinic treated for sexual performance problems had been using internet porn heavily.” Dr Foresta also conducted a survey of over 28,000 users who had started viewing porn from an early age and found that by their 20’s many had lost their libido, were unable to achieve an erection without viewing porn, had difficulty having a normal relationship with a woman and were heavily addicted to it. A leading psychologist commented that “threads are popping up all over the internet regarding ED and porn.” Many forums all over the world now have men discussing their problems with viewing porn and ED as they are too embarrassed to discuss it with anyone face to face. Notice the announcement made by one forum: “Due to the overwhelming emails and requests we have received concerning pornography addiction and erectile dysfunction, we decided to create an entirely different thread. ED due to porn is becoming rapidly common, especially for young men. There are medications available for ED such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and these can be obtained at reputable online pharmacies such as Medical Specialists, however anyone suffering from ED due to viewing porn is advised to look at the root of the problem first. According to Dr Foresta the ill effects of viewing internet porn on a man’s sexual performance is not irreversible and after a few months of stopping viewing porn libido and the ability to achieve and maintain an erection can progressively return.