Toxic Rat Chemicals Found in Super Soniic Male Impotence Capsules
16th November 2017
Imagine going on the internet to look for erectile dysfunction treatment and coming across a supposedly ‘100% natural’ product with ‘no side effects’. You would be overjoyed, right? Well, think again. For that same product may well contain rat bait chemicals. The Indian-manufactured ‘Super Soniic Capsule’ apparently “helps to overcome the problems of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and increase ejaculatory control” It also enhances Vigor & Vitality according to the dubious claims on the website flogging them. Yes, the same capsules that can supposedly help you in the bedroom, can instead potentially kill you, with it coming to light that Super Soniic actually contains strychnine. The lethal chemical is often found in rat baits, and this week The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia released a stark warning about the product, saying it is a major health risk and shouldn’t be taken. The TGA say that after analysing the contents of the capsules, they have discovered that Super Soniic has a level of strychnine “considered to be a dangerous poison in Australia”. If this isn’t bad enough, the capsules also contain sildenafil. Although this in itself isn’t lethal, sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra), is a prescription-only medication. It should not be mixed into ‘herbal’ supplements, as people taking nitrates for example, should not be also taking sildenafil…But then again the makers of Super Soniic will not care about your health. The TGA are now working alongside the Australia Border Force to prohibit the importation of the product and warned that the capsules would be seized and destroyed if found being brought into Australia. Medical Specialists® Pharmacy cannot stress this enough…If you are struggling to get to your own GP for whatever reason and choose to obtain your usual medications online, make sure you find a reputable fully-registered pharmacy that has GMC-registered doctors assessing your online consultations, such as Medical Specialists®. This way, you and your health are put at the forefront of any decision made, with only your best interests in mind. There are thousands of fake/illicit companies clogging up search engines; ‘Canadian Pharmacies’ and websites based in India are just some of the worst culprits with regards to counterfeit and dangerous drugs. I’m sure a good proportion of you reading this will have come across countless dodgy-looking emails in their spam folder, purporting to be from a pharmacy looking to sell you discounted drugs in bulk amounts. However, just think about that for a minute. Buying bulk quantities of prescription-only medications as cheap prices like they are simply sweets? It is preposterous and you cannot simply walk into your doctors’ surgery and be offered a huge amount of drugs if you paid a reduced fee. It is ridiculous. This is one of the primary things to look out for when trying to spot a fake online pharmacy, or a company to be avoided at all costs.