Survey shows over half of Britain are “fat”
19th July 2011
Analysts “Bioglan” have published a survey which shows almost half of the population are overweight or obese.  The survey shows that the Scottish are the heaviest, with 52% being classed as overweight or obese.  Northern Ireland, the North East, and the South East are bottom in the table, all tied with just 46%. The survey would appear to indicate that East Anglia is the healthiest region in the UK.  Only 6% eat 2 or more takeaways per week, compared to the whopping 31% of Londoners who are gorging on more than 2 takeaway meals every week. In addition, only 7% of East Anglians claim to drink 14 or more alcoholic drinks per week in comparison to the heaviest drinkers in the North East and North West, whereby 13% of both regions admit to drinking more than 14 drinks every week. Interestingly though, the survey is not entirely doom and gloom. It does show improving attitudes and habits to maintaining a good level of health.  For instance at least 60% of people in all regions claim that they go to the gym at least once a week, which is a positive sign. Moreover, there are many experts who claim that the Body Mass Index (BMI) that is used to calculate the level of an individual’s body fat, is unfair and prejudiced against those with high muscle mass. However, for those looking to lose extra pounds, Medical Specialists can help! Offering prescription and non-prescription genuine branded medications such as Xenical and Alli, we now boast even lower prices and have a vast wealth of knowledge and understanding about our patient’s feelings and the problems they incur.