Smokers see the light! Champix more effective than nicotine patches
10th August 2012
We probably don’t need to give you any reminders of the dangers of smoking to your health.  We have covered countless stories in 2012 alone that highlight the negative effect tobacco smoke can have to your well-being. However, just in case you may have forgotten, allow Medical Specialists to remind you of the health hazards that have been shown to be connected to smoking during the calendar year so far: . Smoking contributing to the bone disease osteoporosis. . Smoking in films risks children picking up the habit too. . Smoking is linked to conditions such as skin cancer and cognitive decline. . Children are at a great risk of developing lung conditions such as asthma when exposed to cigarette smoke. It is quite likely that even more research will be conducted during the remaining five months of the year that will further underline the dangers of smoking. With all these negative impacts to health and the huge financial drain that smoking-related conditions are having on the NHS, it came as no huge shock to see the government target smokers in their 2012 budget review back in March, when the Chancellor George Osborne delivered the news that duty on all tobacco products would be raised by 5% above inflation. This equates to a typical pack of 20 cigarettes now setting smokers back an extraordinary £7.50. Taking into account the fact more and more people are now taking measures to look after themselves compared to years gone by, together with George Osborne’s controversial budget, higher numbers of people are now seriously making the effort to stub out for good. One option for such people is a nicotine patch that is applied directly to the skin, usually to the upper arm or upper chest. Used once each day (roughly at the same time daily), they are supposed to provide a supply of nicotine that will hopefully lessen the withdrawal symptoms. The other option for smoking cessation is the rapid selling prescription medication Champix. Manufactured by Pfizer, the same people responsible for the popular erectile dysfunction medication Viagra, it is a non-nicotine medicine that is taken orally once or twice a day, can help you stop smoking. Champix mimics the effect of nicotine on the body, thus drastically reducing the urge to smoke and relieving withdrawal symptoms. The big question now is – which one is better for quitting smoking? The answer would be Champix according to its creators, and they have conducted a study to prove it. The Pfizer-commissioned research was a meta-analysis comparing those taking Champix against people who were using a standard dose nicotine patch. The study shows that patients who were on the Champix therapy were more likely to stop the habit, and then continue in their smoking abstention. There were meaningful statistical improvements witnessed in subjects at four, 12 and 52 weeks on the course of Champix medication, in comparison to those using a nicotine patch at a high dose. This trend was also apparent in combination NRT (nicotine patch plus one additional acute formulation of lozenge, gum, inhaler or nasal spray). For all you smokers out there, who are requiring some help in finally stopping, let Medical Specialists Pharmacy help you today. Following an online consultation and the approval from one of our GMC registered in-house Doctors; you can obtain the effective smoking cessation medication Champix, which works out in cost at just £75.00 per pack. Your medication is dispensed by our in-house Pharmacy and dispatched to a designated destination of your choice, whether it is your home or workplace. Even better news, this whole process is all done within merely 24 hours!