Shedding a few pounds can give you a good night's sleep
12th February 2009
Do you miss the days when you used to have very good sleep at night. Tossing and turning in the bed can be linked to obesity, a new study has revealed. According to the researchers, from Kuopio University Hospital in Finland, the more weight people lost, the better they slept.People who followed a low calorie diet and exercised regularly slept better and felt better. The researchers,studied 81 overweight and obese men and women with mild obstructive sleep apnoea, a common condition characterised by pauses in breathing, gasping and snoring. In the study published in The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, the Scandinavian researchers said that while weight loss is not 'a new miracle pill or a fancy high-tech treatment', it is cheap and 'exciting' therapy for those who have trouble sleeping and losing weight was 'perhaps the single most effective way' to ease sleep disorders. During the study, half of the obese men and women were put on very low calorie diet, for three months.They were also given regular counselling and advice on exercise and encouraged to maintain their healthy lifestyle in the following months. These men and women lost more than 20lb on average over the course of a year. The others were simply given advice and leaflets on a healthy lifestyle and they lost less than 6lb. How weight loss was linked to better sleep? Weight loss eased the participating patients' symptoms, improving their sleep. And the more weight they lost, the better they slept, with almost nine in ten of those who lost 33lb or more cured of their sleep disorder. The people who lost weight had other benifits, such as cholesterol, blood pressure and insulin levels improving to such an extent that some were able to throw away their tablets. Losing weight brought a better quality of life to them. If you are struggling with weight loss problems with a BMI higher then 27 or 30, Medical Specialists can help you in losing weight. You can find out more about losing weight at Manchester Slimming Clinic by contacting Medical Specialists.