Sex pills found on bus by unsuspecting passenger
24th March 2014
A Folkestone bus passenger got more than he bargained for last week after stumbling across a half-used packet of cheap Viagra knock-off. Daniel McCombe was about to sit down when to his surprise, somebody had unknowingly left a packet of ‘Zenegra-100’ on the seat – a foreign produced Viagra-like pill that is not licensed for sale in the United Kingdom. Mr McCombe was clearly amused at discovering the pills to improve erections for men with impotence and decided to take pictures of his find, calling the blue pills “treasure” to his Twitter followers. On Twitter, Mr McCombe tweeted: “Only on a Folkestone bus will you find treasure like a half-used pack of knock off Viagra... #folkestone #bustreasure”. Medical Specialists™ Pharmacy Managing Director David Bailey actually contacted the local newspaper that had initially reported the story to correct the misleading description of the ‘half-used Viagra’ Mr McCombe found. We are staunch supporters of the fight against counterfeit drugs, illegal ‘online pharmacies’ and the sale of unlicensed drugs such as Zenegra. Pfizer Viagra and other erectile dysfunction medications containing sildenafil such as Teva Sildenafil are licensed for sale in the UK; not the copies such as Zenegra or Kamagra, the latter which many people confuse with genuine Viagra. The two are not the same. When ordering Viagra for erectile dysfunction, or indeed any medication at all, you should always know exactly who you are ordering with. Only a fully-registered genuine UK online pharmacy such as Medical Specialists™ should be used, clearly displaying the green cross logo and pharmacy number – which can be verified – on the front page of their website, as follows: Here are some important factors that can help you spot a rogue online pharmacy/illegal website. . An unnecessary/suspicious internet browser redirect. . No requirement of a doctors’ consultation for prescription medication. . Long delivery times, sometimes up to several weeks. This is due to the drug being imported from a foreign country before it gets to you. . The price of the medication is a lot cheaper than what would be expected, sometimes by as much as 70%. If a price is too good to be true, it’s probably because it is. . ‘Bonus’ or ‘free pills’. Seriously, just stop and think what doctor would throw in free pills for you requesting a higher amount of something. Frankly, it is absurd and an obvious sign of an illegal pharmacy. . The website does not list any contact details, e.g. a telephone and fax number, email address, company address or details of its pharmacists, doctors, etc. . A registered Pharmacy such as Medical Specialists™ Pharmacy will have the GPhC green cross logo together with its Pharmacy number. This number can be checked to see if it does actually exist. . The company registration and VAT number should both be clearly stated on the website. Both of these are a legal requirement. . A non-UK currency and/or a ‘head office’ that is based overseas.