Pfizer launches new Erectile Dysfunction website
25th January 2011
Pfizer has just launched a new website that is designed to provide men in the UK with advice and information on erectile dysfunction. has been created to offer clear and concise facts and guidance about male impotence and its implications, supported by video testimonials and sections dispelling misconceptions associated with the illness. It also allows users to act out trial conversations with doctors online in order to give them more confidence to book an appointment to have the condition assessed. A Pfizer statement explained that the service is being introduced due to the fact that although erectile dysfunction affects 2.3 million UK men, many patients find it difficult or embarrassing to seek professional help. "With so much conflicting and confusing information available on the internet, it can often be difficult for men to know where to turn to for genuine and credible information about erectile dysfunction," added a company spokesperson. Pfizer is responsible for the leading erectile dysfunction medication Viagra, which has been available for more than ten years either online or via a Doctor.