Online poll shows surprising results about when men and women reach their sexual peak
29th May 2012
It has long been assumed that men are at their ‘sexual peak’ as just 18 years old, whilst women have to wait another 12 years until they are 30. However, a survey carried out by online sex toy company ‘lovehoney’, has contradicted this theory. From the study it was deduced that women actually have the best sex lives when they are28 years and men have to wait an additional 5 years, when they reach 33. There was one similar thing found in the survey though, both men and women are most sexually active at around their mid to late 20s, for women at 25 and men at 29. Over 1,200 were questioned in the recent survey and as an average it was determined that women lost their virginity at around 17 years old and men at 18. Relationship expert Tracey Cox, has her own range of sex toys on the lovehoney website and she had this to say on the findings, “Like most things, sex gets better the more you do it and the more practised you are at it. So it makes sense for men to be having better sex at 33 rather than 18. It takes time to learn how to control their orgasms and to fathom to the complex female sexual system. This reinforces what we’ve always known. It’s not about quantity, it is about quality. We tend to have the most sex at the start of relationships when desire is fresh and the best sex once we’re more in tune with our bodies and our partner. Despite the female sexual system being far more complex than a man’s, women are discovering what works and doesn’t, faster than men.” For men who are having their sex life effected by conditions such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, Medical Specialists Pharmacy offer a massive range of prescription medications and non-prescription products that can help you and your partner enjoy the best sex life possible. At Medical Specialists Pharmacy we have a wide range of medications to help with male impotence such as Viagra, which is available from as little as £29.97 for 4 tablets. You can obtain this medication through a consultation with our in-house doctors or we can dispense the medication to you if you can supply a valid UK or European private prescription issued by your doctor, consultant or other medical practitioner. On top of this, back in April we started to provide NHS services for our patients. If you have obtained an NHS prescription from your GP and you are too busy to go to a pharmacy to hand your NHS prescription in, we might be of help to you as we can arrange to dispense your medication and have it delivered to you. In addition, we have introduced the NHS Electronic Prescription Service and operate with the very latest technology, EPS2. This service makes it easier and more convenient to get your medicines, as your prescriptions can be sent electronically by your GP to Medical Specialists Pharmacy and we can dispense your medicine to you through our delivery system. You need to choose a place for your doctor to send your prescription electronically. This is called ‘nomination’. You can nominate Medical Specialists Pharmacy to dispense your medicine by going to our website and filling in a nomination form within the NHS area of the website. If you are experiencing problems with premature ejaculation, Medical Specialists can help. Doctors at Medical Specialists Pharmacy can prescribe Priligy, an oral tablet for suitable males suffering from premature ejaculation. These tablets are taken prior to the sexual activity. It acts quickly within 60 minutes and is only taken when you need it. The effects of this oral tablet are also short lived lasting for approximately 1-3 hours, which considerably lowers the risk of any possible side effects. In addition, we offer Stud 100 spray, obtainable from our chemist shop. Stud 100 delays ejaculation by reducing the sensitivity of the penis, significantly prolonging intercourse and providing greater satisfaction for both partners. It is quick acting, safe and effective. More importantly, strictly controlled clinical trials and surveys prove that Stud 100 does work. The active ingredient, Lidocaine, is an anaesthetic which is used to reduce the sensitivity of the penis, significantly prolonging intercourse and providing greater satisfaction for both partners.