Online Pharmacy to give away 1,000s of condoms for Sexual Health Week
11th September 2013
medical specialists pharmacySexual Health Week 2013 will take place this year from 16 to 22 September and is one of many national campaigns which Medical Specialists Pharmacy are proud supporters of.  Therefore we have teamed up with Skins Condoms to give out free condoms to any patient who obtains sexual health products during that particular week, such as Viagra, a Clamelle chlamydia test kit, Durex play vibration rings, etc. You are guaranteed to get more bang for your buck during Sexual Health Week with Medical Specialists Pharmacy. The words ‘sexual health’ will always be synonymous with condoms, but choosing the right condom can be tricky. One massively popular type is the ‘long love condoms’, as nicknamed by the German scientists who devised them. They are an excellent method of ensuring sexual health AND prolonging yours and your partner’s sexual excitement – quite handy when bearing in mind that Medical Specialists Pharmacy research has found that 20% of women rate their most recent sexual partner has having a poor to very poor performance, and almost a third (32%) want their man to last longer in bed. One particular ‘long love’ condom is the Durex Performa, which has a special non-spermicidal Benzocaine lubricant cream inside the teat end of the condom to help control climax for longer lasting lovemaking and better sex. This is of course a fantastic bonus on top of its other main functions of preventing an unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection! Of course, we do realise there are some people who are somewhat careless, and this is why Medical Specialists Pharmacy can supply the Levonelle 1500 morning after pill in addition to a range of treatments for sexually transmitted infections such as herpes and chlamydia. However, with regards to condoms, an important factor to take into account is that there are often reports of counterfeit condoms in circulation around the country by their millions. A cheap and poorly-made counterfeit condom is unlikely to provide any of its main functions, let alone the added bonus you can get from condoms such as the Durex Performa. Therefore, condoms and other contraception methods should only be obtained from a reputable source such as Medical Specialists Pharmacy, and during Sexual Health Week we will be offering a fantastic bargain on the previously mentioned Durex Performa condoms,  slashing the price of a pack of individually wrapped 72 Durex Performa condoms by half…yes half! For the unbelievably low price of just £30.00 this bundle can be yours. For those unaware, Sexual Health Week has been pioneered by the Family Planning Association (FPA) in partnership with Brook, with the theme remaining as last year’s XES We can’t go backwards campaign. The aims of the national campaign are to protect and promote sexual health and contraception services by fighting government budget cuts, policy changes, and more specifically; the lack of easy access to contraception due to closures of sexual health centres or alterations to their opening hours. Both FPA and Brook have stated they receive a large number of calls from worried and unhappy members of the public, being denied basic access to the advice, products and services that they require. However, calls they probably won’t receive are the types of calls Medical Specialists receive on a daily basis – distressed men who are having problems in the bedroom. Whether this is in the form of erectile dysfunction and/or premature ejaculation, each problem can place a great deal of stress onto relationships and cause a huge loss of self-esteem for the male. The fact we receive so many calls is a positive thing as it means that the majority of men are no longer suffering in silence, but some still are. Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are viewed as genuine medical conditions and as such, require treatment. This may come in the form of lifestyle changes such as giving up smoking or managing stress, but in most cases erectile dysfunction usually requires treatment through a type of medication known as a Phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitor, such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. On the other hand, premature ejaculation can be treated with a medication known as Priligy in addition to those wonderful long love condoms which can also help you last longer in the bedroom!