New York crime family allegedly sold Erectile Dysfunction drugs illegally
17th July 2014
viagraAn infamous member of the Bonanno crime family who was the inspiration for the character played by the late Bruno Kirby in the 1997 film 'Donnie Brasco', says he is not willing to do hard time after allegedly being involved in the illicit sales of illegal erectile dysfunction medications. Nicholas “Nicky Mouth” Santora flatly refused the offer of a plea deal for a reduced prison term - believed to be between 7-to-21 years - on Wednesday in exchange for admitting to a string of high level corruption charges. 72-year-old Bonanno don Santora would have seen a year cut from the minimum prison term he will receive if convicted on trial for the charges. The Bonanno family are just one of the "Five Families" that primarily control the organised crime dealings within New York City, arising from the Province of Trapani, Sicily at the turn of the century. In total there were nine crew members, including the aging Santora, who were arrested last August in connection with loansharking, extortion and Viagra-peddling. The mob gang managed to flog nearly 300,000 Viagra and Cialis pills, priced between $5 and $20 per pill, says the criminal complaint. Officers conducted a heist following a lengthy investation that lasted 2 years, and discovered 500 oxycodone pills, two dozen boxed tablets of Viagra, in addition to large quantities of marijuana in many of the gang member's homes. Oxycodone can be highly addictive and is often used as an alternative to oral morphine to relieve cancer pain. If convicted, all could face a maximum of 25 years imprisonment for their participation in crimes which included illegally selling prescription medications such as the hugely popular erectile dysfunction drugs Viagra and Cialis — in addition to perjury and possession of firearms. Santora apparently staunchly disagreed with the proposed deal, according to his defense lawyer Michael Alber. “There’s absolutely no way he’s taking that disposition. He’s not involved in enterprise corruption,” he said. “The prosecution is seeking to link people some who don’t even recognize each other except when they come to court.” Anthony “Skinny” Santoro was also given the chance to accept a term of 9-to-18 years behind bars by prosecutors, which would be the longest prison term after Santora, and this has also been refused by Santoro. “It’s ridiculous, it was a non-violent gambling offense,” commented Santoro’s attorney Tim Parlatore. Frail Santora has been locked up ever since Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Melissa Jackson set his bond at a staggering $1 million.